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Why Drupal is the best CMS for your new website

Why Drupal is the best CMS for your new website
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Talking about getting a new website developed the question of choice of Content Management System (CMS) or Content Management Framework (CMF) surfaces automatically. With a number of CMS available making, a call is not easy.

Well, WordPress is the most popular one but talking about business these days a website going on WordPress would not be a very good idea. The reason is that WordPress is a general purpose website CMS that can help create all kind of website without addressing any special kind of needs.

However, what businesses need today is some specific kind of solution that falls in line with the need for e-commerce website content management. Drupal has come as an answer to that need. Drupal development has seen an increase in demand from the side of firms looking to get new websites developed. The very fact that Drupal is supporting around 2.4% of the total active websites across the world substantiates the love for Drupal development.

Talking about Drupal, it is an effective and efficient CMS/CMF written in PHP.  Based on category-wise website support Drupal development finds a place not only in commerce or business related websites but among political and government websites as well.  

If you are still skeptic in regards to Drupal being the CMS for your website then we have enough reasons to drive away your doubts. No, we are not going to force you to go for Drupal rather we would highlight the benefits that Drupal development brings to you. So, if you are interested in knowing why Drupal is the best CMS/CMF for your website then this is the place to be.

Don’t blink or skip as we go on to discuss some awesome features of Drupal. Go on happy reading.

Qualitative tool

When we say we want to make something best we lay more focus on the qualitative part rather than the quantitative part. Same goes true when we are talking about developing the best website. You need to get the best CMS/CMF and Drupal fits that requirement.

The robust and agile nature of Drupal makes it a natural choice for effective web development. Drupal comprises of more than a thousand modules through which specific and customized features can be added easily. To add to the efficacy Drupal brings development time from over a month to just a few weeks.


Now, this adds to the popularity of Drupal amongst small, medium and budding enterprises. Cost-effectiveness and budget-friendliness are that we all want our website development project to be.

Being free Drupal exactly fits into this requirement.  No license fee, no purchase juts log into the official website download Drupal and install it. Drupal comes as an option for affordable web development by bringing in loads of effective features absolutely free. To add more its clean markup codes make coding a smooth ride for the developer.

The benefit of being open source      

Being an open source platform Drupal has that advantage of being worked upon by a number of developers across the world. Now, the immediate benefit of this is that any issue that is being surfaced in CMS gets resolved by someone or the other as a part of the working and development network. So, Drupal (as like most of the open source software) is an ever evolving and ever improving platform that brings the best of it to website development


Scalability and reliability are two important needs of a website that are being developed these days. Thanks to the multiple numbers of devices from which the users access them. A CMS/CMF platform that helps in adding these features to the website is obviously the best-suited one.

With Drupal, you can get that in an effective manner. Drupal is quite effective in handling a high amount of traffic and also has great reliability. Thus, it’s a perfect CMS/CMF for someone looking at quality and affordability.


Security or what we say cybersecurity is a concern these days. You would not like your website to be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Drupal makes this thing sure for your website. Drupal comes in with awesome security features and updates that are worked upon from time to time by its advisory team based on the potential and emerging challenges.

Now if you need evidence for the security capabilities of Drupal as a CMS/CMF let me tell you that the official website of Whitehouse has adopted Drupal as its web development CMS/CMF. I guess we don’t need to look for more evidence to substantiate its ability now.

Now, since we have come to the end of our discussion we hope that you have got enough reasons to switch to Drupal for your new website development. If you still feel that some of your queries regarding Drupal are not addressed than feel free to ask out in the comment section. Don’t forget to share your views on the write-up. We love to hear from you.

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