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Why Digital Marketing Is The Best Career Option After 12th?

career option after 12th

This has been always the great confusion for students that what they should choose after passing 12th and what is the best career option after 12th? One of the toughest decision, that a person has to make is choosing the best for his/her career. One fallacious decision and a person has to regret his whole life.

To be a successful man in life, you need to complete your education first. Then you can apply for Primary Assistant Teacher Job Circular, if you want to be a teacher. Teaching is a great and respective job for anyone who want to be a teacher.

Now the question arises is that what they should choose or what is the best career option for them.

In this modern world, the competition level has increased at a high level. After completing the 12th, students look for the career in which they get higher pay. It is scarce that a student wants to follow their passion and wants themselves to be professional or a brand entity.

At present time internet has spread its root at very vast level. Usage of the internet is increasing day by day and many people are shifting their business to online megastores.

In this internet user world, Digital Marketing can be the best career option after 12th for the students. But now the question arises is that what is digital marketing and why should they choose digital marketing as career guidance? In simple Words, Digital Marketing is the process of marketing your product and brand online through digital aspects such as – mobile, laptop, tab etc.

Digital Marketing is very vast concept and it is based on 7 Cs Factor and they are:

1. Customer – The marketing strategy of the company must be focused on its customer. A company should be customer-centric and should not think it’s customers as a target.

2. Content – Powerful content always appraise a powerful story which ignites conversation and spreads. Content is an asset for achieving marketing goals and reaching and converting target audience.

3. Conversation – Conversation is all about that how you are listening and talking to your customer. The way of talking to the customers leaves a great impact on brand.

4. Convenience – Customer’s convenience means providing them good facilities and good services. Customer convenience is one of the main point that a company should keep in mind.

5. Collaboration – Collaboration plays a important role for digital selling success, therefore it is vital to understand the way to produce a cooperative surroundings in your business.

6. Context – Context takes into account not only the Who, but also the When, Where, Why and How.

7. Convergence – Convergence is bringing together different media platforms to support one single campaign or promote a product.

The students should choose digital marketing as career guidance because present time and the upcoming time, the world is going to be fully digitalized. Prime Minister of India is also supporting digitalization and he has taken initiative by launching ‘Digital India’. Digital marketing boost’s creativeness and imagination of a person. Digital Marketing is the platform which everyone can join whether he /she is Professional or a student. Many platforms will come and will go but digital marketing will go on forever.

Some of the major roles in the Digital Marketing are:

1. Digital Marketing Manager – this is the highest position or ranking in the Digital Marketing sector. This position can only back by the person who is having at least 6-7 years of experience.

2. SEO Executive- there is no benefit of a beautiful or good website until there is no traffic on a website. SEO executive’s tasks are to drive traffic to the website and improving the Google rankings.

3. Social media marketing executive- this is said to be the coolest job in digital marketing but not only for using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. He has to check latest trends on social media and he has to make best strategies.

4. Content Marketer- Tasks of the content marketer is to create the content that is unique, eye catchy and Seo-friendly. Content plays important role in website and Seo.
There are many more posts’ in digital marketing
• Analytics Manager
• CRM Manager
• Email Marketing Manager
• E-Commerce Manager

So it is better to choose a perfect career option after 12th for your future and Digital Marketing will let you know do this! For this, you just need to join the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

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  2. Because nowadays it is booming in the market all the works are going digitally
    So this course is the right choice to build the career …!

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    As i started my career as a digital marketer
    by this post i got lots of information

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  5. Currently i am working on digital marketing field & its really interesting to work in this field..!!

  6. Nowadays every one learning the digital marketing because digital marketing opportunities are more than other technologies

  7. Ya ,its best career option but l like to advice everyone to join after completing graduation because now a days graduation needed, and it is beneficial for better hike..!!


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