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Digital Marketing

Why digital marketing is important


Digital marketing is to promote products and brands through electronic media. The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that you can analyze marketing campaigns using a variety of channels and methods and understand the effectiveness in real time.

In other words, the person in charge of digital marketing can always check the content browsing, browsing frequency, browsing time, conversion rate, and response for each content. The most common channel is the Internet, but there are many other varieties such as cell phone mails and instant messages, mobile apps of smartphones and tablets, podcasts, electronic signage, digital television, digital radio and so on.

Reasons why digital marketing is important – Power shift to consumers

Digital media is now widespread and consumers can access the information they want, regardless of where they are. The era of telling consumers only about information that companies want to convey about products and services has long been a long time ago. Digital media continues to expand as the foundation of entertainment, news, shopping, social networks, etc., not only information transmitted from companies, but also the opinions and impressions of media, family, friends, colleagues and peers are instantaneously transmitted It began. Many of today’s consumers are more concerned about and emphasize such information than information transmitted by companies. Consumers hope to receive reliable brands, companies that understand themselves, personalized and accurate communication, offers that meet their needs and preferences. For example, most writing services such as cheap essay services work on digital marketing principles to reach customers.

Management and analysis of customer information across channels

While digital marketing methods and related channels are important in managing customer relationships, it is not good to ignore other channels. Also, simply knowing customers is not sufficient. In order to improve campaign effect, we need to understand customers deeply so that customers can deliver the appropriate message through the most responsive timing and channel. To that end, we need a comprehensive viewpoint to grasp customer’s preferences and needs through all channels of the Web, social media, mobile, direct mail, shops and so on. Marketers are expected to use this cross-channel information to predict the optimal customer experience to lead customers to purchasing and to consistently provide them across all channels. The more you understand the customer’s behavior and preferences, the more likely it is that the dialogue with the customer will be more fruitful.

Challenges of digital marketers

Diversification of digital channels: Consumers use multiple digital channels and use various devices with different communication protocols / specifications / interfaces. The usage and use of the device are various.

Competition intensification: Because digital channels are lower cost than traditional media, companies of all sizes can be used for any business. As a result, it is becoming very difficult to attract consumers’ attention.

Sharp increase in data volume: Consumers leave a large amount of trace data in digital channels, but it is extremely difficult to analyze and utilize all of them. It is also very difficult to find the right data to help make the right decisions out of a huge amount of data.

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