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What type of SSL certificate can be used for your website?

type of SSL certificate
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Any website that overlooks an SSL certificate can never be a trustworthy website among its users and it is mandatory for ecommerce websites as they deal with transactions and other personal details of customers.

SSL certificate not only builds trust among customers but improves conversions and improves search engine ranking which indeed is a result of website traffic. These certifications are the symbol of trust and is indicated with a green padlock symbol on the address bar of your website.

There is an ample of certifications and choosing the right one that best fits your website and its purposes is really important.

In this post let us concentrate on how to choose an SSL certificate and also understand which type of SSL certificate best fits your website.

#1 Classification based on validation:

Domain Validated SSL certificate:

DV SSL certificate makes sure that the domain is registered, and the website is authentic.

The email is validated by sending an email to the administrator using certificate authority.

The HTTP validation is approved only when the ownership is declared by creating a text file in the public root of their domain.

Only when the certificate is validated by the authority, the web browser will display the connection as secure.

The biggest purpose of using a validated certificate is to encrypt the data and it is required to prove the site ownership to avail the certificate.

Organization Validated SSL certificate:

OV SSL certificate confirms and is a proof that the domain is owned by you and that your organization is currently present in the state, country.

Obtaining an OV SSL Certificate is just as the DV SSL certificate whereas with OV SSL Certificate you will also validate the identity of your organization.

Availing this certificate requires a lot of time. Maybe hours and days.

The OV SSL certificate also displays the company’s information in the details of the certificate.

The details of the organization which is included in the certificate helps to increase credibility among your customers.

Extended Validation SSL certificate:

The EV SSL Certificate urges the business for providing detailed records to prove the company ownership.

The EV SSL Certificate is similar to the DV and OV SSL certificates. Provided EV SSL Certificate establishes the evidence that the company is registered as a Legal business.

These certificates are easily identified and are represented using a green bar along with the name of the company.

It takes several days or weeks to validate the certificate based on the requirement of the concerned certificate authority.

The authority approves the EV SSL Certificate only when they have obtained all the documents that proves the operational existence of the company.

The organization that issues the certificate will also issue the appropriate authorization for both the website and the company.

To the concern this SSL certification is considered the safest certification of all.

#2 Classification based on the number:

Based on the number of domains the SSL certificates can be classified as,

  • Single – SSL Certificate
  • Multi-Domain – SSL Certificate
  • Wildcard – SSL Certificate

In case, if you are using a single sub-domain website you need to buy single domain SSL certificate. Whereas, the multiple domain users should go for multi-domain SSL certificate.

The multi-domain SSL certificate can help you save time and money with the help of single certification. This certification is also flexible as it can be issued on multiple servers by assigning a private key.

The Wildcard SSL certificate encompasses every subdomain on a single root domain or hostname. A single wildcard certificate encourages you to simplify the security concerns of your website. Hence it is cost effective.

Wrap up:

If you are running a large-scale business along with number of subdomains you can choose from the above set of SSL certificates that best fits your website and business. In this post, I have explained you the types of SSL certificates and its functionalities through which you will be able to find the best match for your business or organization.

I would always suggest the EV SSL certificate for business owners as they can gain more trust among their users and obtain necessary authorization of both website and company using a single certificate. Have I missed any of the valuable point on the SSL certificate? Do let me know your thought through your valuable comments.

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