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What is importance of CMS in website development?

What is importance of CMS in website development?
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In the start of designing websites a few decades ago, there were generally HTML sites. They were easy to build but quite tedious to maintain. It would actually get quite difficult when the website had too many pages. In case the client asked for updating any necessary information on one page, you would be required to make changes on all of the pages of the website.

So, it was quite time-consuming and required a lot of effort for the different things that didn’t add a lot of value. However, things got easier with the development of websites using a Content Management System or CMS. There are a plethora of features and functionalities brought by CMS that helps in the development of a website. This is why CMS development has gained a huge boost in recent years. Listed below are the reasons which outline the importance of CMS in website development.

  1. Intuitiveness and Ease of Usage

A CMS website is quite easy to use and intuitive. A lot of help is available on the online sphere for all of the popular CMS platforms. However, you will find CMS quite intuitive, but you will require some help. There are a few areas where you may require help like in installation, troubleshooting common errors, usage of CMS etc. And for these, you are provided with dedicated platforms as well as forums where you can ask for help. You will always find developers and web designers asking for help in these forums as they require in-depth knowledge of the entire working of the CMS.

  1. Accessing and Updating Website from Anywhere

You don’t require any specialized software or any particular technological environment to access as well as update your website. Any computing device which is connected to the internet is sufficient enough to do the job. Just log in to the Administrator area, and then you are all set to add or edit the website as per requirement. You can use any particular device which is available to you such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs or any other handheld device at your own disposal. You can easily add pages or even make changes to them.

  1. Extending Website with Widgets and Plugins

Another essential feature that makes CMS important for website development is the availability of plugins and widgets. There exists an active community around almost all CMS platforms which help in building these software plugins. These can easily be used in order to extend the functionality which is offered by a given CMS platform. A CMS generally provides a set of functions and features and also the requirements of the user. A plugin or widget can essentially bridge this particular gap and also provide features which don’t come with standard with a CMS. There are thousands of free as well as paid plugins which are available on the internet for different jobs and features you can think of. Many web development services constantly create new plugins and widgets.

  1. Easier Site Maintenance

Maintaining any website shouldn’t be difficult, and a CMS helps a lot in this regard. It is quite possible to decide to maintain your own website by yourself. With a CMS, it is easy to do. The template-based structure pertaining to a CM makes the process of addition of pages as well as posts quite easily.

  1. Ease of Managing Content

You can easily add new pages with simple clicks of a button. Content, videos, images, links, formatting etc. can easily be added and even edited. The new page can essentially be added easily to any appropriate menu item or any category. Publishing it makes it available online instantly for the purpose of viewing. Anyone can do these without requiring any technical expertise. It is easier to maintain your website with CMS as they are reliable platforms, easy to backup as well as restore. It works great with larger sites too.

  1. Consistency in Navigation and Design

CMS platforms provide your website with consistency in navigation and design throughout the website. Templates allow you to create headers, footers, widgets, sidebars easily and they can easily be replicated anywhere on the website. You can easily insert them wherever they are needed. Any changes that you make on the header file is reflected instantly across all the pages of the website. Same goes for the foot and sidebar. It helps in keeping a consistent look and lead to a better overall design for the website.

  1. Secure Environment

CMS provides an automatic safe as well as the secure environment to work in. Every website faces a real and almost imminent threat from viruses and online hackers. They can essentially take control of the website, steal sensitive information, even delete entire website content. Hackers, Trojans, viruses look for different ways to control your website and generally without your knowledge by looking for different loopholes and bugs in your website. A loosely coded website run a greater risk of getting hacked or infected.

A lot of people constantly work all over the globe to make the all of the popular CMS platforms much better. They are consistently looking to correct vulnerabilities and loopholes which can be exploited by the hackers. Users offer feedback wherever they discover some vulnerability which needs to be addressed in order to make it more secure. All of this taken into consideration and taken care of in the subsequent version of the CMS.

  1. Lower Cost

A CMS platform is quite a specialized piece of software. It is also developed by the contributions as well as the hard work of different people all over the world. They keep track of changes, get rigs of bugs and also add new features and functionalities to the CMS. It is similar to having a highly specialized and experienced team of developers essentially working for you without any cost. This is why CMS platform is so precious. The lower costs benefits allow the people to build their website using their own preferred CMS . It helps in bringing down the overall cost of custom web development.


Website development has undergone a massive revolution in the recent years. There are different ways to develop a website and when it comes to both the development and maintenance of the website, CMS Development is the best available option. Above-mentioned reasons prove the importance of CMS in website development.

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