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What is Brand Awareness and Why is it An Important Factor To Take Into Account?

brand awerness

How is it possible to create a unique brand that reaches the heart of its users? Working on brand awareness

Is it still possible to differentiate in an increasingly competitive market? The answer is yes. To date, the historic moment in which we live our lives divided between online and offline, companies can still be successful.

According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, each of us deals with an average of three thousand advertising messages every day, when we cannot tolerate more than a hundred. What is certain, on social networks as in traditional media, is that most of the advertisements are overloaded with unclear and not so relevant information. The human brain, in front of this tends to get stuck: it is not able to handle too many messages at the same time and the only ones that come to hit it are those that are perceived as more useful.

The best way to impact your target audience is to think about what is missing today in terms of communication and try to pass it on to your users. In short, it is essential to work on your brand awareness, therefore on the reputation of the brand.

What is brand awareness?

When we talk about brand awareness we refer to the reputation of a brand, that is, how much it is famous among users and above all recognizable. The highest goal, when working on a strategy to improve the level of awareness among users, is to be the first choice in case of purchase. The customer goes to the supermarket or in a store and wants THAT product of THAT brand, because the company has been able to transmit positive values and messages.

David Aaker, a famous American economist, created a theoretical pyramid that explains the process of the evolution of a brand’s reputation. It starts from a base where there is a total lack of knowledge (Unaware brand), which then goes on to evolve towards a brand recognition (Brand recognition), and then spontaneously go to a phase of Brand recall, which is obtained thanks the continuous stimulation in the recognition phase and that allows the consumer to automatically associate the products or services to a specific company, without needing any external stress.

The highest point of Aaker’s pyramid is the Top of Mind, which is the moment when consumers immediately think of your brand as soon as they get closer to buying a certain good or service.

This theoretical analysis created by Aaker represents very well the process of visibility of an online brand as offline, and correctly demonstrates the importance of arriving from the base to the first step, or at least at least to recall.

Strategies to improve their brand awareness

Brand awareness can be implemented through various online communication strategies, which do not necessarily involve the bombardment of advertising messages aimed at users.

The first thing to do, as in any self-respecting strategy, is to identify targets and target audience. Only in this way can you choose the right channels through which to communicate and communicate.

Social networks

Creating your business pages on the channels where your users are and taking care of them with content they value is one of the ways to improve their awareness. Working only in staff, in a historical moment in which the visibility of the company pages is significantly reduced, is unthinkable.

For this reason it is necessary to identify and allocate a budget to advertising, or the promotion of sponsored content. Before doing so, however, you need to know your audience and their wishes, so we recommend that you make social listening to understand how they communicate and what they expect from the brands they buy from.

SEO and content marketing

Working on the positioning of your website is another way to make yourself known by users. Create information and educational content virtualized on your sector, written with a view to SEO copywriting , will allow you to position yourself within the SERP of Google, or among the first results of the search engine in response to specific queries.

This will allow you to retain your users and get them into a conversion funnel that will lead to a subsequent transformation into customers.

The online contests

Even the online contests are a great way to improve its brand awareness. Obviously, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to create a relevance between the competition held and the prizes to be won, in order to encourage the recognition of the brand with that specific product.

A competition with prizes, in fact, according to the definition of Presidential Decree 430/2001 (the text that regulates this type of events) is an activity or action aimed at encouraging the knowledge of a brand, through the awarding of goods or services. When a company indexes a prize competition, in essence, it goes to request a small action to its users (which can be uploading a photo or video, filling out a form or answering some questions) and based according to criteria decided in the drafting of the Official Rules, will decide the winner or winners.

From action to the prize, this is why competitions are an excellent way to improve the knowledge of your brand among users. Being at stake for the goods or services for the participants, they have a high chance of becoming viral within their own niche, encouraging their brand awareness.

Contrary to popular belief, even little known brands can achieve excellent results with the launch of a competition with prizes: in this regard it is interesting to study the case study of Ankarsrum , which with its contest #homemadeakr has involved on social media 1,696,682 people , of which 1.395.596 only on Facebook. In addition, during the duration of the competition has implemented the likes on Page from 296 to 1800, then going to work very well on their notoriety, thanks to the relevance of the awards and the emotional tone of the contest itself.


Even if they are often confused, it is good to remember that brand awareness and brand reputation are two different things. The first one refers only to the notoriety, therefore the degree and level of knowledge of a company and its products / services. The second, however, also takes into account the sentiment that users have towards a certain brand.

In a strategic perspective, you will first have to work on the awareness and in the meantime cultivate your reputation, in order to activate your community that will recognize you as a synonym of quality and reliability in your sector.

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