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What Are The Top 3 Cell Phone Spying Apps In India

What Are The Top 3 Cell Phone Spying Apps In India

India is rapidly becoming the global battlefield of the smartphone industry. It is the second largest cellphone market after China, surpassing the U.S. Global smartphone leaders like Apple have decided to set up its plant here while Samsung is building the world’s largest phone factory in India.

With the race of smartphones going to the bottom, the challenges to the smartphone security are also rising. Millions of subscribers in India are worried about their smartphone security as the cases of mob lynching and general security surface every day. There is a growing need for top-quality cell phone spying apps in India to keep an eye on your near ones’ cell phone activity.

In this article, we have compared the top 3 smartphone spying apps in India on the basis of compatibility, ease of setting up, and features. Read till the end to find the winner of the competition.

  1. Xnspy

You must have heard of Xnspy even if you are new to the spying apps. It is the top spying app not only in India but also among the top ten spying apps in the world. With its premium features and advanced compatibility, it tops all the cell phone spying apps in India.

Compatibility: The most frequent issue many Indian users complain of is the compatibility of the app. Sometimes the spying apps are not compatible with the latest Android OS, while others require you to root the Android phones before installing the app. Xnspy, however, does not have either of these issues with Android compatibility. It supports the latest Android 8.0 besides supporting the previous versions. For further assistance of the users, they have set a separate section on their website to check the compatibility of the phone.

Price: With all this compatibility and features, the Xnspy developers have kept its prices very affordable. It currently has two packages to offer. Basic and Premium. The basic package is for those who want to use it for standard uses like call and contact information. It costs $49.99 per month for a monthly subscription, while the annual subscription can cost as low as $8.33 per month.

The premium package, as the name suggests, has all the high-end features which make it a little pricier than the basic package, which is justified if you see the quality of features that you get with it. The annual subscription for Xnspy premium edition could cost you $12.49 per month.

Top Features: Xnspy has more than 35 features in its premium subscription. Here are some of its key features.

Keylogger: Xnspy has introduced keylogging feature for monitoring social media messengers. By using this feature you can monitor keystrokes from instant messenger apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and many others.

WhatsApp without root: WhatsApp is the most used messenger in our cell phone today. It is a platform where we can chat, call, and share all the things we want. Usually, the spying apps in India have limited access to WhatsApp or they require the phone to be rooted before installing the app. Xnspy does not set any such limits and lets the user access WhatsApp without rooting the phone.

Xnspy Alerts: Xnspy has made monitoring more specific by introducing “Watchlist alerts.” You can add words, emails, phone numbers, and even locations in a watch-list and you will be instantly notified when any of them pops up on the target phone. This will spare your time from sifting through all the unnecessary information in your Xnspy account.

  1. mSpy


You must have heard of mSpy as it has been on the market for a few years now. mSpy has many good attributes to it. It has advanced compatibility just like Xnspy and many high-end features for high-level monitoring. Let us see how it is different from others.

Compatibility: Although mSpy claims to work on all the Android phones, they have not mentioned on their website whether they support the latest Android 8.0 version or not. However, they do support all Android 4.0 or later versions. To install mSpy, the target phone must be accessed and connected to the internet. The rest of the process is simple and does not take long

Price: mSpy has kept its prices quite competitive and even lower in some cases. mSpy offers two packages for Android users in India. If you want to go for basic monitoring, then it offers a basic package for 29.99 per month. This package is not available for quarterly and annual subscriptions. The premium package is expensive and can cost up to $200 dollars for an annual subscription.

Top Features: mSpy has less number of features than Xnspy but still it has all the handy features that make it a top choice among the cell phone spying app users in India. It has a more comprehensive social media monitoring feature where it even monitors Tinder and Telegram apps that are not monitored by Xnspy. But here is the limitation, the social media feature of the mSpy app is only viable for those phones that are rooted before installation.

The rest of the features are all same except for a couple of more additions like “Uninstall Alerts” which are the warnings that appear when an app is being uninstalled from the phone.

  1. One Spy

One spy is also considered among the top spying apps for Android in India. Like any other good app, it can be used on a mobile phone to get information about someone. But there are some limitations to this app. That’s is why they have kept its price lower than its competitors.

Compatibility: Although it can be used on any Android mobile, it is only possible if the target phone is rooted before installing the app. Another limitation of OneSpy is that it has separate installation instructions for different mobile brands and OS versions. For example, Android 6 users have different settings to make before installing the app. Similarly, settings are different for Android 7 users. One Spy also not supports Android Nougat 8.0.

Price: With these limitations in sight, One Spy has kept its prices more favorable than its competitors. It offers three different packages namely premium, standard, and ultra. While Ultra is quite expensive keeping in view Xnspy or mSpy, the standard and premium packages are affordable. One-month price for a standard package starts from $42.

Top features of One Spy: With all its shortcomings, it is still a useful app in many ways. Especially for the low-end users, it offers standard features that can be helpful for looking after day-to-day activities of the target person. Call logs give all the details related to the calls including their time and durations. You can track all the text messages on the target phone and even listen to the calls. Besides this, One Spy can track emails from the target mobile and you can see the internet browsing history to see which sites the user has been visiting the most.

Which one is the best?

All the three apps in our comparison are considered top cell phone spying apps in India. Every person can have their own view about any of these apps according to their requirements. If a person is interested in standard level monitoring on an old Android phone, then One Spy is a viable option for them. If someone is looking for more than standard level Android tracking then mSpy is a good option but with limited capabilities and without rooting the Android phone. In the end, if you are looking for advanced level monitoring without any compatibility complications, then Xnspy is the best choice for you. On the basis of the above comparison, we can fairly say that Xnspy tops all the cell phone spying apps in India.

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