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What are the best trends and factors on App Store optimization in 2018?

What are the best trends and factors on App Store optimization in 2018?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process with the help of which it can be ensured that the app meets the app store ranking criteria. Since App Store optimization (ASO) has many similarities with SEO, it is popularly called as App Store SEO or Mobile App SEO.

Whether it is an Android app developer or iOS app developer, they both need some way by which they can showcase their app with the customer and the success of mobile app development lies in the popularity of the app. In this competitive world, no app can become popular unless some effective strategy is adopted.

Several SEO strategies are been developed and conceived by the developers over the time that takes the apps at the top ranked in App Store. This factor is directly proportionate with your app’s success as the hit rate or download rate will be calculated with this SEO factor. So, as a developer, you can’t deny the factor of App Store Optimization or ASO in 2018.

Let’s talk in a brief about this burning issue.

Strategies to enhance mobile app ranking

Various trends and factors help in a big way to optimize the App in the iOS mobile phones. The following are some strategies that can help to boost the mobile app ranking.

  • Choosing right app store keyword

Just like SEO, in App store optimization also the main thing is the keyword. The choice of keyword plays a big role in improving the app store search ranking. You can search the appropriate keyword using the appropriate ASO tool. The best thing is that you can get the best keyword with this tool for free – they do not charge anything for finding out keyword.

Thus you can get a thousand of keywords through this tool. But while selecting the keywords, you must remember that the keywords should be the most relevant one. Many people get tempted to use the popular keywords as they are used to use such popular keywords in SEO, but you should remember that SEO and ASO are two different things and though they have some similarity among them, choosing keyword techniques strategy in ASO is quite different.

As such, there is no point in select the keyword in the way you used to do in SEO because in an act you will end up in selecting the irrelevant keywords. In case of App Store optimization, your main aim is that the user should be able to find out your app even if they have not downloaded your app and enjoy your app.

So, concentrate on the relevant keywords rather than the popular keywords. Once you choose a handful of important key, it is essential to filter that keyword so that the best keywords are only used in mobile app development. It is not a very difficult task to select the most relevant keyword – the app store keyword tool helps you in a great way to select appropriate keywords.

  • Putting the keywords in the right place

Once you select the right keywords, the next important thing that you have to do in App Store Optimization is to place the keywords in the right places. It is very important that you name your app in the most creative and searchable fashion so that all the potential users of your app can easily understand what your app is all about.

It is always recommended to add the most relevant keywords in the title. It is seen that adding the keyword in the title can increase the ranking up to 10.3%.  For iOS App Store you can add an App subtitle. However, Android App Developers generally do not use this strategy – it is applicable for the iOS app only.

The subtitle is generally placed after the app title and is limited to 30 characters. It is a great idea to include a keyword in the subtitle. Again it is seen that in Google Play store keywords are used in App description.

But in iOS App Store keywords are never used in app description rather, but the description is generally written in such a catchy way that it reflects the purpose of the app in just first three lines instead of using the keyword in the description.

  • Converting the visitors to potential customers

The final goal of app store optimization is to convert the visitors of your app to the potential customers. All efforts of mobile app development will then be considered as successful when you will have more and more customers. But for that, the mobile app developers have to do a little more thing.

They need to create a good icon. It is generally seen that a good icon can increase the number of downloads to up to 56%. The icon indeed is the first impression. As such you cannot use too much word in the icon. It is generally seen that simple design which does not make too much of noise is the best app icon. The colour, shape and the attractive looks play a very important role in designing an attractive app icon.

Screenshots also play a very vital role. A good screenshot can increase the conversion of viewers into customers by 25%. It is important that the screenshot tells a single message about the app. All those messages are very strong and they should be displayed in two screenshots.

Another most important thing is to make a video about the app. It is true that making a video can be a difficult task for the app developers but you cannot ignore the fact that a video of an app can increase the install rates even by 23%. That is the reason why video plays a very important role in the success of mobile app development.

But the mobile app developer should not forget that a good poster frame is also required along with the video. Last but not the least, the most important thing that attracts the customer is the ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews have a great impact on the mobile app downloads.


So, the factors affecting the ASO have been discussed here. No matter what app you develop, you must follow these trends and factors to keep your app at the front page of App Store. Ultimately, the goal of any app should be fulfilled and give the maximum benefit out of the app itself.

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