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Web Design And Development: 7 Myths Vs. Facts

Web Design And Development: 7 Myths Vs. Facts

Many times we believe that designing a website is all about incorporating a web layout, smart graphics, front page, and keywords. However, there’s more a web design need!

Whether you have a small business who are planning to set up a new website or you are an established company who want to revamp their existing website, designing a website is no easy task.

So, does that mean you will have to spend a lot to give a makeover to your design? Or does that mean designing a website is the most complex thing?

Well, neither of this is true! These are just some myths that come with website development.  So, stop believing these below-mentioned ones right now:

Myth 1: Website appearance is an only considerable thing

Fact:  Although the appearance is very important, as the best design would be the face of your organization, it’s not the ‘only’ aspect you need to consider. Imagine, what impressive a website would be if it doesn’t offer smooth navigation and is not having any relevant content?

Further, most business’s emphasis on making the website look attractive,  ignoring areas which need special attention. So, do consider it and make your design, flawless not just visually but also in functionality.

Myth 2:  You can build your website and can save bucks:

Fact: Of course, many platforms offer free web designing; they put restrictions on some of the most important services. However, the web design services expert will give your website a more professional look and will also enable all the necessary functionalities.

Further, website designing need a strong knowledge of the industry and technical aspects, which any novice won’t be able to do. But, the developers will take some time to absorb your workflow, clients and will then formulate the plan according to your needs.

They will also integrate marketing solutions to strengthen your website web presence.

Myth3: You don’t need any mobile version; your design will work on it automatically:

Fact: Responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of web design. However, there are still many webmasters that fail to consider it as a crucial thing. Further, over 145.5 million users shop, browse and purchase things from a smartphone.

So, make sure you have a mobile-friendly design so that you won’t miss a lot of customers. Besides, if your website lack responsiveness, your bounce rate will increase and your rankings will decrease.

Myth4.Connecting to Social media buttons are time-consuming and need a lot of efforts

Fact:  Linkdln, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and what’s not- all these social media buttons play a huge role in increasing your website’s reach and traffic. Social media buttons are just a click away, add them on your website and increase website traffic.

Myth 5: Writing website content is the easiest thing!

Fact: Many people who build website put content as the least important thing thinking that content development is the easiest thing and can be done later.  However, it’s the only thing that will engage customers on your website.

You can use them to understand your competitors and audience. Further, impressive and engaging content is difficult to write, and you would need experts to do the job. A value-laden, keyword packed and well-optimized content is the only thing that can make your website rank.

Myth6:  More features and images= more views

Fact:  Business often believes that adding impressive buttons, more features, and intuitive designs will attract more customers.

However, on the contrary, it will make your design packed and overwhelming, making clients confused about the services you are offering.  With more features, website’s clarity gets hindered, and you may end up losing customers. So, keep your design simple and fuss-free.

Myth7: Email marketing integration is not important

Fact: Since Emails are the easiest and wide-spread approach, you might lose customers if you ignore this.  With this, you can make your clients aware of the changes and services you are adding or removing.

So, those were some of the myths busted! Stay away from them and design a client-friendly website!

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