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Ways to make money on through online platforms

Ways to make money on through online platforms
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Do you want to earn money sitting at your home? If you are not able to go outside to earn money, then you can earn money through social media. You just need to have some talent and creativity and you will be able to earn money sitting at your home. Sometimes, it is not possible to get the job of your choice but you can get a job related to your talent and passion on online platforms.

These are some of the most preferred jobs in these days. Youngsters prefer to do jobs on these platforms.

YouTube videos

If you are interested in making creative videos, then you can create your official page on YouTube. YouTube is preferred by people to watch videos rather than watching videos through websites on Google. Your video will earn money according to the number of views on your video.

You will enjoy by making videos on your tubes and the audience will enjoy your work. You also know that you tubers are earning a lot of money through YouTube videos. You just need to get an idea and shoot a video on it.

Freelance jobs

If you are able to write creative articles and you can manage Facebook pages, then you can use your spare time in earning money through online websites. You can work much better if you know a little bit of graphic designing. In these freelance jobs, you can do work for clients sitting in any country.

You just need to have an internet connection at your home to earn money and develop your skills.

Increase your money with online lending

You can lend your money to the people in need. You can create your own website and give a loan to the borrowers. When you use the offline method to get interested on your money, you give money to the middleman and he gives you less interest and takes more from the customers which create a loss for both of the lender and borrower.

To remove the middlemen, you can lend your money through your online websites. There are various websites which will provide you the safe option for lending your money to the borrowers.

Photo sale

You can sell your photos on online websites or applications. If you have the hobby to click photographs, then you can upload your photos to the stock websites. You can make money by providing those photos which are available in lesser quantity on the Internet and have high demand.

Become an online tutor

Now, with the help of the internet, you can also create your own website on which you can provide online coaching to the students. Face-to-face class sessions are very helpful for getting a better knowledge of the subject and therefore many students prefer online courses.

So, if you have the teaching talent inside you, then you can become a tutor and earn money on your website. You can also provide notes and e-books related to your subject to your students at low prices.


If you are famous on a social networking sites like if you write articles, blogs or you own a website of your own, and then you can contact the different companies to promote their brands and products on your sites. There are various companies who will provide you the best money offers to promote their brands and products.

Create your own website

You can earn money by creating your own website. It takes less than an hour to create your own website. You can run your own website sitting anywhere. You can create your website like you see music downloading websites, movie and video downloading websites. If your website will be visited by more and more people, you will earn more and more money every day.

Online betting

In earlier days, people used to play gambling games by going to casinos but now you can earn money sitting at your home with the help of online betting games. There are various online betting websites where you can play betting games. They provide full safety and security of money to their players.

Content writing

If you are expert in writing nice articles and blogs, then you can earn by writing articles on different topics for various websites and applications. You will get money according to the quality of your topics and blogs. There are various websites who need writers for the promotion of their business or organization or products.

Web design and development

You can earn money by providing online service of web designing to the various companies and organizations looking for a nice designer and developer for their website. Almost every company requires designer and developer for their website and this provides you many web designing and developing options on online.

You can create your online website and give the detailed information of your work with putting money charges for different works.

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