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Using Targeted Directories for Link Building: Start Driving Leads!

Using Targeted Directories for Link Building: Start Driving Leads!
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Who would mind increasing their website traffic to almost triple with the desired keywords? Absolutely no one of course! You can achieve it simply by building local links, i.e., getting the other local websites of the area to link to yours.

When other websites backlinks you, it signals the search engines like Google of trust. Getting ample of these also help you to outrank your competitors in SERPs and brings in the really targeted search traffic, leading to higher rates of conversions!

Do you remember using a directory the last time?

Statistically speaking, Google found that 4 out of 5 consumers in the U.S. use search engines to find local businesses. Making it a whopping 80 per cent of the total consumers to frequently use local directories.

Easily overlooked, it is not just important from the SEO perspective, but choosing the right directory is really important for both your clients and the business. Irrespective of what anyone says, directories do help your local SEO strategies, and are worth focusing upon!

Why You Should Optimize for Your Local Market?

Coming to the bigger question of the “Why” that you might have had in your mind all through this time.

A locally optimized site opens you up wider, highly targeted traffic and quality leads. These are the people who are nearby and are looking for the service or the product which you provide.

For example, let us say that you own a dance studio, and are specialized salsa trainer. By using salsa specific keywords and relevant search terms, title tags and meta tags you begin with the process of optimization.

Your now ranking will be much greater than before in terms of local search engine if only you have already had a lot of great inbound links to your site. An increase of almost 3.5 times can be experienced within a month if you learn to use both; local link building to increase authority and relevant SEO, successfully.

To be able to create successful local link profiles, directories are one a great choice. They help to make up valuable link profile and are a great digital marketing strategy. But here again, these directories are not those spammy one, but relevant, targeted directories, which are filled with customer descriptions and of great choices to optimize the brand.

They are a lot about the local SEO and helps to improve the experience of your customer by enabling them to discover you on Google Maps or Facebook.

An increase of volume by 50-60 per cent in just 18 months was experienced by the GreenPal using Yelp.

There are pro links available for every niche for the link builders, making a directory available of each.

The directories that you can possibly use to better link building are:

Although local links are one of the most essential steps to bring in your targeted audience to your business website, it is not the only thing you must be focusing on. To make a good local SEO strategy, you must also include:

  • Local Keyword Research

Research well for the phrases that people are using to look for your business and other similar businesses, and add them to the title tags and meta description to reach the local searches.

  • Local Structured Data Markup

This allows Google to display more data about your business in search results.

  • Local Business Reviews

Local reviews are one thing you must take good care of. These help your business rank higher and also act as “social proof” for your business.

Local SEO is indeed the best way to attract more business from your website. Act upon local link building and the targeted directories well, and you will be glad with the results that you get!

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