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Top Notch Parental Control Mobile Monitoring App TheOneSpy Review

Top Notch Parental Control Mobile Monitoring App TheOneSpy Review
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Mobile phone monitoring has developed as the most crucial aspect of parenting in this digital age. Today, parents are not just obligated to provide their children with the latest technologies but they are also responsible to monitor their kids’ use of these gadgets. The excessive use of mobile phone technology has confronted our teens and tweens with the risks of cyber-bullying, online predation, sexting and online sex crimes among others. Fortunately, there are several monitoring applications that enable parents to keep tabs on the cell phone use of their children – TheOneSpy is one of those software applications. The spy app enables parents to monitor almost entire activities performed on the smartphones of their children. We have reviewed the spy app to give you an insight into the pros and cons of the application with the detail of the app features.

How does the Parental Control App Work?

The parental control mobile monitoring app is needed to be installed on the target phone i.e. phone of your kid. After successful installation, the app accesses the phone data including messages, contacts, photos, videos and internet browsing history. The data get uploaded to an online account which can be operated from another cell phone or computer.

Core Features of Mobile Monitoring Software

The parental control mobile phone spy app comes preloaded with hundreds of features and functionalities. We have rounded up here only the main features of the app to give you an insight.

Spy on Social Media Apps

TheOneSpy lets you monitor the social media accounts of your kids. From the popular social networking platforms of Facebook and Instagram to the dangerous dating app Tinder, the parental control app lets you monitor the most commonly used social media apps. You can track WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Line, Vine, Viber, IMO, Zalo, Hike, Kik and Yahoo Messenger. You can read the messages exchanged by your kids; see the posts shared by them and review the media files exchanged by your kids.

Tap Phone Calls

The spy application allows parents to tap phone calls received and made by their children. The app automatically records the phone calls of the targeted phone and uploads the recorded calls to the online account of TheOneSpy which can only be operated by their parents. Also, parents can block incoming calls from unknown numbers or obnoxious callers.

Track GPS Location

You can trace the whereabouts of your kids tracking their cell phone with the help of mobile monitoring app. The geo-fencing feature of the spy app lets you set boundaries around your kid to restrict her from entering prohibited or unsafe areas.

Access Internet Browsing Details

The mobile phone monitoring app lets you monitor the online behavior of your kids giving you access to the internet browsing history of their phone. You can know what are the websites frequently visited by their kids on their mobile phone browsers.

Phone Bugging

With the mobile monitoring app, the targeted cell phone can be used as a bugging device. The app lets you monitor the scenes and sounds surrounding your children distantly. After receiving the bugging command the targeted phone starts capturing the photos, recording sounds or making the video to let you know what is happening around your kiddo.

Spy 360

The cell phone spy app lets you track the real-life activities of your kids in real-time. You can listen and view the sounds and scenes in the vicinity of your kid’s cell phone. This high-tech feature of the spy app lets you trace the surrounding scenes and sounds directly and without getting them recorded.

Live screen recording

User can make short back to back to videos of the cell phone screen that and then save to the online control panel of the mobile phone parental control app. It enable user to do live Facebook screen recording, WhatsApp live screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording and others. However user can use password chaser, YouTube screen recording, SMS screen recording, email screen recording and last but not the least chrome screen recording.

Remotely phone controller

User can remotely control the target device and gadgets of the children and can view installed apps, remotely block text messages on the children phone, block incoming calls of the strangers and last but not the least block the access of the internet to the fullest in order to stop the inappropriate activities of the kids and teens to save them from obsession of the social media or to prevent the interaction with the online predators. It further enable parents to save their lives if they are driving vehicles and using cell phone such as doing text messages and listening to the calls.


While compared with the parental control apps rightly available in the market at the moment TheOneSpy is found to be a reliable, high-tech and feature-rich app which provides great support to parents.

Author Bio:

Angela is serving as senior editor and analyst at TheOneSpy monitoring app. She has tremendous expertise in kids monitoring, employee monitoring, business management, and business security. The series of published articles on global forums are the testimonies that she is expressive and can naturally convince readers through her creative works. Follow her on twitter @LatestTechBlog.

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