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Top Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android

Top Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android

Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android

In the present era, Facebook is considered one of biggest social media site in the social community. It is 100% true, Facebook play a role of bridge to connect peoples with each others. No matter, where are you from, by using Facebook you can connect with anyone around the world and chat with it.

Likes is one of important element of Facebook and it show the presence and visibility of the users. More like engage more users with your activity and also boost your reaches. To increasing likes freely on Facebook users rooming around the web to find free and cheap way.

Fortunately, I am very happy share top 5 Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps with you, which can truly helps in getting free likes and other element in Facebook. If you are eager of free Facebook likes then once try given below apps, I am sure it will enhance your experience.

1: Apental Calc  

Apental Calc is most experienced auto liker application around the web, used by millions of peoples around the world to get auto likes free on Facebook account. The interface of Apental Calc app is quite simple and compatible with all Android Os. If you want to get famous instantly then once install Apental Calc and see the magic.

Features of Apental Calc:

  • Apental Calc is perfect auto liker application to get likes on Facebook
  • Get unlimited likes on your Facebook post, status, pages and much more
  • Apental Calc provide 100% legal auto likes for you
  • It is 100% free and universally available for all users
  • Respect users personal information
  • Don’t spam users account
  • Smooth user-friendly interface
  • Quite easy in navigation and much more

Get Apental Calc


2: WefBee

Most of the tiles explain the body language, but here the name and body language is little bit difference. WefBee is another workable and handful auto impression tool for Facebook, which can bring unlimited likes on Facebook. Apart from likes it also, trusted in getting comment, shares, and followers and much more on Facebook profiles. Download WefBee on your device and increase your likes on the go.

Features of WefBee:

  • WefBee provide comprehensive tools for the users
  • One of the best auto liker applications in the catalog
  • Allow you to get required amount of followers on your profiles
  • Get auto reactions from wefbee which is the best facebook service
  • Get auto friend requester from wefbee which is the best
  • Make your own fb auto liker and auto follower
  • Enjoy benefits of auto group poster and auto page poster
  • WefBee provide all of the services without demand any cost
  • Free, safe, trusted as well
  • Responsive user-friendly design
  • Support all Android Os having Android version
  • Very simple to use and much more

Get WefBee


Both of the applications are Best Facebook Auto Liker Apps for Android available for all users universally. Anytime, anywhere when you need free likes, just open the application and start getting likes.

How to setup auto liker app on Android device?

First of all, you a need an APK file of auto liker app and you download one of the auto liker according to your taste.

When download complete, go to device setting and enable the setting “Unknown Source”, because both of auto likers are 3rd party developer apps.

Now locate the “APK” file of app and tap on file to install on your device.

As usual, straight forwardly install the file and open the application through short icon, which is created on device screen.

Now explore each and every corner of the application and reap the benefits.

Requirement before use:

  • The activity on which you want impression must be visible for the public.
  • Your account followers setting must be enable for the all users.
  • Don’t submit post again and again to get impression.
  • Only get limited likes, which suite your profiles.



Don’t forget to review usage policy of both auto liker apps. The rules and regulations helps you in using apps in much better way.

Final word:

Every day brings a new choice and we bring today an option to get auto impression for your Facebook profiles. Adjust your account high in your circle by getting a number of auto impression on your account and give us a favor by sharing this article with your nears and dears.

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