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Top 8 Android and iOS apps to hide and lock all your private pics and videos


Due to immense technological development, breaches in security over cyber space have spread like a wildfire. We are constantly under the radar of such breaches due to our vulnerability in the online platform.

At this juncture, it becomes necessary to take small steps at our level to ward off trespassers from barging in our phone’s or laptop’s data. If you want to protect the data stored in your phone, try to use app lockers and keep intruders away.

So, to protect your mobile data, we have come with some easy options to hide private photos and videos apps to avert such intruders. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Vaulty

This app is packed with some nifty features that protect the data of the user and keep it pristine in security. The app locks the data using a PIN-protection system. This app comes with some fantastic photo and video editing features in its secret folders. It has a Mugshot feature that will nab the intruder’s red handed.

It has another advantage of a backup wherein you can have an online backup of your vaults. So, next time you lose your phone, you can retrieve the files online. So, allay all the fears as your intruder will not go Scot-free.

2. Pic Lock 4

Pic Lock 4 is a more robust version of Pic Lock 3 and enables hiding photos and videos. It offers a wide array of features such as contacts, messages, lie hide notes, audio files, to-do lists, locations etc. The app will ask you to set up a passcode in the form of an alphanumeric password or pattern lock.

The app comes with an Anti-Intruder system which will capture the photo of the person who tries to trespass your photos from the front camera. In three wrong attempts, the app will click the intruder’s photo and in case of five wrong attempts, it will erase all the data via its self-destruction mode.

3. Keep Them Safe

This is another cool app that helps you hide all your personal photos and videos effectively.  Users simply have to login to the app using their email id. The app uses a PIN, pattern, and fingerprinting lock to keep the photos and other data safe.

You can organize your files into multiple folders and name them as per your convenience. The app also has advanced encryption such as military grade encryption system that enables you to unlock your data.

4. Gallery Lock Lite

Gallery Lock Lite is another very useful app wherein you can lock your personal photos on iPhone. Coupled with some amazing features, the app locks your photos and keeps them from the reach of unauthorized users.

It has a very robust mode of locking your pictures which makes your photos invisible by activating a stealth mode. Only you can access the photos by calling some number preceded by an asterisk.

So, nobody will ever be able to break open into your Gallery. Additionally, whoever tries to barge in, the app will click his photo and notify you.

5. Safe Gallery

It is one of the best Secret Gallery lock apps for iOS/ Android. Safe Gallery hides your videos, audios, and photos to keep any intruder at bay. You can also backup your data on the cloud and can be restored if you want.

It has a hidden mode or stealth mode that hides the App and keeps it from being displayed on the home screen. It has got a user-friendly interface and you will find it very easy to navigate the app.

You can also use various customization tools which can be found under the Settings button.

6. Fotox

Fotox is one of the best apps to ensure the safety of photos and videos in your phone. You can keep your photos and videos locked by setting up a face-lock. When an intruder would like to access the app, it will display a fake crash message to make him believe that something is wrong with the app.

Only you will be able to use the app when required. The app also provides back up of photos. The app allows you to directly take a photo. You can even import photos from your phone’s gallery or share any picture or Video to Fotox.

7.Secret Calculator

The name suggests the function of the app. It works secretly behind a working calculator and stores your photos, gifs, videos, or URLs. You can lock your data by setting up a four-digit passcode and a decoy icon. You can also use pattern locks or touch IDs to enhance security.

You can use it to hide your texts, photos, and albums. It also provides photo locks and album locks. You can even trim, crop, and use slow motion functions to edit your pictures.

8.Hide it Pro

This is a very intuitive app and appears like an audio application. It hides your photos and videos, music, messages, and even apps via cloud storage and fingerprint id.

The best thing about the app is that it shows itself under the guise of the Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. On long-pressing the Audio Manager title, the real Hide It Pro app starts.


These are some amazing apps which will ensure the protection of privacy and save you from the threat posed by charlatans. Once you have locked your private and confidential data, you can rest assured that your data will not be subject to leaks.

So, beef up the security of your phone through the usage of such locking apps and fend off unauthorized users.


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