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Top 10 Upcoming Gadgets for 2018


There is no faster changing industry than technology anymore. It seems that everyday there is a new device or widget that everyone is dying to have. That ranges from help in the office to the home and even includes those nifty gadgets that are useful and fun to have around. However, these gadgets are coming out so fast that it can be hard to keep up with what is worth your time and what isn’t, even for the savviest of tech fans. Today, though, you don’t have to worry about weeding through the mediocre to the cream of the crop though because we are going to show you the top 10 upcoming gadgets for 2018.

  1. Halberd

If you, like most people today, take your laptop with you everywhere, you might want to consider Halberd. Halberd is a product of the company GateKeeper and is touted as “the world’s most advanced NextGen smart Bluetooth lock and key.”

Halberd is made for everyone, from those who are a little less cautious when it comes to computer security to those who just happened to forget to lock their computer when they walk away one day. Replacing the timeout features that are built into a computer, Halberd locks your computer the minute you walk away. This is done because the GateKeeper device constantly authenticates the user’s presence in a way that is discreet and not annoying to the user. Once the user is no longer detected; the computer locks.

The project just finished a Kickstarter that reached a goal of $50,100 and can be expected to release officially within the next several months.

  1. Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is the Apple response to the Amazon Echo. In truth, the Apple HomePod was supposed to have released by Christmas of 2017 but due to some delays in the project, the HomePod wasn’t ready for an official release. It is now slated to be released in early 2018.

Rather than hear Amazon’s Alexa, Apple HomePod users will hear Siri’s familiar voice there to help them with the same tasks she usually has – such as reading iMessages – to helping you discover new music with just the call of your voice. The 7-inch tall HomePod is run by Apple’s A8 processor and promises to be strong competition when it hits the market.

  1. PROOF

PROOF is a wristband that is slated to hit markets by the end of this year and it promises to help everyone from the casual bar-goer to the avid partier. The wristband connects to an app – available on iOS or Android – and works to track your BAC levels through your skin. If you have had a few too many and your BAC is at dangerously high levels, you can expect this app and wristband to send out vibration and LED notifications to warn you to stop before you get sick or injured.

  1. Fenix AR Helmet

The Fenix AR – augmented reality – helmet comes to users from Skully Technologies after a 2016 Indiegogo campaign that raised $2.5 million in preorders. The end product is a motorcycle helmet that has a rear-view camera. This camera is used to create a 180-degree field of view on a transparent display. The helmet – when connected to Bluetooth – can support navigation, make phone calls, and even play music.

  1. IMEC EEG Headset

The Belgian research center IMEC is behind this EEG headset. The main function of this device is that it can be worn to detect the wearer’s emotional state by using signals from the front of the brain. This offers not only a medical usage but a casual one too. Since it reacts to your emotions it can be used to improve memory when you are learning or even adjust music depending on your mood. This was announced early this year, but the company has yet to announce a sale date.

  1. Toto Floating Tub

The company Toto created their Floating Tub to help users relax. It gets its name because the bathtub has jets in the bottom, lifting you up to float in the water. The feeling is supposed to be like that of floating in space. This tub completes the feeling with an underside of LED lights to complete the ambience.

  1. Aeolus

Aeolus has only been shown off as a prototype and has yet to be announced with price and availability but what we have seen is promising. The little robot is built to help you keep your home in order from cleaning to watching out for it while your gone. For extra help, it is even built with Alexa so you can reap the benefits of Amazon’s smart home device as well.

  1. Intel Volocopter

The next item on our list was recently announced by Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich. The Volocopter is described as an “autonomous passenger drone” meaning that it can be used to pilot a human rather than a camera or package like previous drones. Krzanich boasted that the device is easy to fly, quiet, and clean when it runs on batteries. However, availability in the United States is on hold until approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

  1. Samsung’s The Wall

Home theaters have come a long way over the past few years as new TV’s has come out but nothing is quite like Samsung’s The Wall, which measures in at a whopping 146 inches. This MicroLED TV was said to ship this year but no official date has been set.

  1. ForwardX CX-1 Suitcase

When you are traveling, it can be tiring to lug baggage around. However, with the release of the ForwardX CX-1 later this year, you won’t have to carry it around. This autonomous suitcase has a max speed of 7 mph and will follow you around your travels – leaving you entirely hands-free.

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