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Tips Helping Your App Get Featured on the App Store

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The coding, designing, development, the constant follow-ups take a BIG full-stop on your apps journey, the day it is presented to you with the fact that your app is finally ready to hit the stores, suddenly there is an adrenaline rush in your body out of excitement.

You start dreaming about your app making money and you are getting covered by the print media for crafting such a wonderful app, then suddenly you wake up with a crack sound in your dream boat and realize that it is not at all possible.


That BIG FAT Why comes in between you and your dream when you are being told that it is not easier for the app to get featured on the app stores with an ease.

And your app needs to go through a series of factors to bring out the BEST to be featured on the app stores. Competition is not the only dragon which stops your app to get noticed, but there are other aspects as well, which really hamper and break this process into bits.

Hence, with this post, we have decided to address those tips, which can really help your app to get featured without any technical fracture on the respective stores.

  • Skip The Error Rope

Considering your app as one of the best apps is really the biggest help you can give to your app since it boosts the confidence and helps it come out with flying colors.

But do you think the mere confidence help you win this battle??

Of course not, apart from the confidence in abundance, you need to have the clean app, which is the error-free.

Yes, an app which is the collection of technical glitches brings no good to your app, and rather help it to get flunked easily at the app store.

The guidelines followed by the app store are little rigid, and it further explains that it does not entertain any app which comes up with any sort of crash, bug or technical hiccup.

Thus you must make your app spot-free and must uphold and professional quality image.

Before sending the final package to the apple store, make sure app is perfect from every corner and does not possess any bug.

  • Native Wins The Race

The foremost strategy of the Apple states that the app must be of high-performance and intuitive design to name a few.

Do I need to mention, which platform offer these qualities???

Of course, it is NATIVE

  • Native has oodles of design options
  • It gives the optimization of the hardware and OS efficiently
  • No wonder but the App Performance speed is jaw-dropping
  • Lets you have more control on the size, resolution, and orientation of every device
  • Reduce the development time and increases the odds of bug-fixing

Due to above all mentioned, and not mentioned even reasons, you must pick your app get developed on the Native platform only.

  • Don’t Forget To Get Addicted To Apple Guidelines

Apple is very particular about the standard of quality and the perfection attained in each of its featured apps.

To make this sound highly compatible with your app as well, don’t ditch the Apple ‘guidelines, and read and practice them with each of your app’s functionality to make it sound a very much part of the Apple guideline-filled app product.

If your app fails to follow any of the guidelines from the Apple then we are sorry to say, but your app would end up cutting a sorry figure, and you would be investing time in curtailing your app failing fit to Apple do’s and don’ts.

These 3 but proven tips help your iOS app to get featured effortlessly in its very first attempt on the App Store.

Now you must be wondering that how come we do have such sound information of these aspects???

Then just to update you, we are one of the leading top iOS app development company in UK- Fifium.

We are the reason behind, many of the businesses’ successful brand recognition through our mobile app development service. We create the high-standard and PERFECT app pieces for our clients which help them acquire the best recognition in their respective business domain.

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