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Things To Consider While Developing Your Business App.

Things To Consider While Developing Your Business App.
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Any product that is visually interactive needs to be designed in a way that is attractive and aesthetically satisfying for the user. In this age when we are constantly busy on our mobile phones, any kind of visual which is not a pleasant sight to see or is irritating to the eyes can be a major setback for the product it is related to. As every business and company is making sure to have an app for the purpose of digital marketing it becomes utterly important to develop apps which are not only convenient to use but are visually attractive enough to glue the user to it.

An app should have each and every feature to enable the user to spend ample amount of time using it and that too without getting bored, tired or irritated. As the digital world is getting more and more visually interactive by every passing day the challenge is to develop an app which ticks every box of being a pleasure to look at and a sight worth watching.

It is extremely important for an app designer or developer to consider aesthetics on priority while developing an app. Android app development is not an easy job to do considering the competition in the field and to develop an app which is not only user friendly but have an attractive design as well is definitely hard to achieve.

It is important for any Android app developer to keep the following tips in mind while designing the app to have a successful outcome.

Color combination

Colors play a vital role in making anything presentable or stand apart from the rest in the same league. It is extremely important to keep the color combination according to the mood of the related product or business. Keep in mind the psychology of each and every color and use them in the development accordingly. It is also essential to keep in mind where to use the striking colors to grab the attention of the user and to make them act according to your intentions, on the other it is equally important to use the soothing colors inculcated in the design to give the user a visual break so he doesn’t get over whelmed by too much of action going on.

Pleasant design

Design the app according to your potential users’ mood, age and the core reason of developing the app. Take extreme care that your app doesn’t appear to be for someone who is well-learned in using the technology or the smart devices, but it should be for anyone who is an amateur to the tech world. The app design should cater to all the target audience and should be convenient enough.

Fascinating icons

Though the app will have the logos and banners related to the product or business but you can definitely establish appealing icons. Any user will be attracted to the logos and icons explaining the app as soon he opens the app. This feature should be used while advertising the app and while launching it on the Play Store so that these design features can interest the users at initial stages.

Simplicity is the latest trend

The year 2018 is being considered as a year of simplicity and it is going to be the hottest trend. As discussed earlier the app design should be for everyone coming under the umbrella of your target audience hence simplicity can be the most effective tool. It’s not necessary to develop an app that has extensive designing and too much going on, keep it simple yet effective.

Develop a responsive app

Anything stagnant is boring. Develop an app that keeps the user connected and attentive. Android is a vast platform and has multiple designated devices. The user can use the app on different devices so it is important to keep this factor in mind so the user is not bounded to any one kind of device. The app should be designed to cater to multiple platform that too in user friendly interface.

Stick to your originality

With a huge number of apps being introduced on daily basis it is quite easy to get effected and inspired by any popular app. The key is to stick to your creativity and originality. Make sure that your design does not resemble any other app from the similar genre as yours. Take the inspiration but put in all the efforts and thoughts to come up with a unique idea for your app.

Relevancy of content

No matter how visually stimulated your app you still need some content on it for the users and that can be huge benefit or vice versa. The content should be relevant and informative as well as interesting enough to enhance the attraction of the app not to hinder it.

Enhance your brand

No matter whatever tips you follow or keep in mind and apply each and every suggestion you have received, it is all about your brand at the end of the day. The app should not only be attractive to the user but it should attract the user towards the brand too. Like an effective website the app should also be able to put forward the message the brand wants to convey.


App development is a tricky business especially if you are catering to Android apps as they have massive usage and multiple compatible devices. The app needs to be not only visually attractive but should be relevant to the brand and should have a user-friendly approach. The discussed points are quite useful for the app developers in creating an app that can fulfill all the purposes of the related brand yet appeal the targeted clients.

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Nancy Lamas is a successful mobile app developer affiliated with leading mobile app development company and has been responsible of developing some prestigious apps for the clients worldwide. She has been teaching app development courses as well and has some excellent published pieces related to mobile app development on her credit.

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