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The Best Way to Learn HTML Language in 2018

Way to Learn HTML Language in 2018

Html is the first programming language to learn when you are about to start web designing. It’s an intermediate and simple programming language allows designing the simple web pages.

When you plan to learn some new skills, the first hurdle you gonna face is a lot of available options. When I started my first website, I was completely unknown to the programming languages. I hired a designer and he charged me about $1000 for the website.

I never wanted to spend $1000 on a single website. To save this huge amount in the near future, I decided to learn web designing. I started with the sample HTML & CSS and now I’m a professional web developer now.

Best Way to Learn HTML language:

It’s not just a post, Today, I’m all here to share my personal experience of learning HTML programming language with you guys. I started my journey with the free HTML books and then switched to the paid web development courses.

It is always daunting for a beginner to coding a web page. All we should do is spend most of our time on learning the very basic programming language. Off course, I’m talking about the HTML.

Why focus more on HTML is just because when you can make minor alterations, then you are all set to fly longer.

HTML and CSS programming language is the very basic codes to build the website blocks. Then you will need jQuery, JavaScript and PHP programming language to give your website a more modern look and realistic features.

There are both paid and free resources available to learn the HTML programming language. You may be thinking that why to go with paid, and why to choose free resources. There both resources got their own pros.

Free Resources:

If you are stuck on a specific problem, Then don’t ever go with the paid solution. Just Google the problem and you will get the answers within minutes or maybe hours. If Google doesn’t have your answer, post it on programming forums and that’s it. This is the first advantage.

The second but the main pro of the free resources is itself. Mean they are free and you don’t need to pay a single penny for it. I personally love free resources.

However, when we talk about the free resources, there is too much information available on the web, which will confuse you for sure.

Paid Resources:

Once you are done with the free stuff, It time to jump toward the paid resources and courses.

In simples, Paid resources are way better organized and well detailed as compared to the free ones. They teach you everything from zero to expert level.

Paid courses are always designed by the accredited experts, teachers, and professionals. They provide you with the better assistance in every way.

If you are about to start learning HTML programming language. Both free and paid resources are beneficial in their own ways. You need to check both in different situations. Below are the two websites that can help you learn HTML language.


The best place(according to me) to learn HTML or any other programming languages is Lynda.

The classes are comprehensive that pay not only the fundamentals. Whilst you get better at coding, then you’ll have access to much more advanced tutorials. So their tutorials may “grow together with you” because you become better at coding. Lynda has more than simply HTML & CSS classes. They cover everything from programming to graphic design, and You’ve Got access to their classes under one membership Which You Can cancel at any time.


TutsPlus, a huge library of short tutorials which gives you more control over the programming languages you want to learn. This works particularly well if you already know what layouts you’re attempting to achieve. You can easily bypass all of the excess info and proceed straight to the solutions.

TutsPlus doesn’t only provide you coding for beginners but helps you get started on your ideal path. I personally learnt a lot of things from this platform and recommend it personally.

You don’t need anything else to get started with HTML as a beginner. These both websites are well enough to teach you everything from start to final.

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  1. I was trying to know about HTML but from your post, I got lots of information…!!
    Thanks keep updating more…

  2. Nice post very informative
    Its will be beneficial those who want to learn html language..!!

  3. Nice post very informative
    Its will be beneficial those people who want to learn html language ..!!

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    Its really a best way to learn.

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