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Technology trends that will dominate 2018

Technology trends that will dominate 2018
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If you want to make predictions about the future, you need to find traces of past events. So in order to understand what kind of digital technology may take next year, we should review the major developments in 2017.

The development of the past year has pointed to the next phase of virtualization and augmented reality, the advent of artificial intelligence and the creation of personalized digital assistants that follow our devices.

virtual reality

One of the technologies, especially the leading news throughout the year, produced a birthday wishlist for children and adults: Virtual Reality. VR started commercialization in 2016, HTC, Oculus (owned by Facebook) and PlayStation have released the latest headphones.

HTC, Oculus,

However, due to the rather unstable “speculation cycle”, 2018 will almost certainly be a key year for VR. This is a research methodology for predicting the commercial advantages of emerging technologies because it is maturing, experiencing increasing speculation, sudden disillusionment, and eventual success.

At present, the virtual reality is in the “exaggerated peak” cliffs, speculation beyond reality, quality in the second position.

In the hype cycle model, as consumers perceive the gap between what they expect and what they actually get, the peak of excitement declines inevitably (the “downturn”). Here is where VR is divided. For some, this will be a modest decline, while the decline for others will be a foreshadowing.

A big question that splits these points of view is whether consumer reactions to currently released VR games and applications can be disillusioned or patiently pampered. More convincingly, the mobile-based VR platform, which is more user-friendly, less costly, has a wider range of games and applications, will help stabilize VR in 2018.

Enhanced success

But stability and success are different. VR also has its consumer appeal primarily as a casual issue, largely limited to games and 360-degree video. So far, it has had a relatively small impact on social or functional applications, such as providing interfaces to social media.

The same can not be said that more versatile, but a less well-known cousin, enhance reality. The AR as a gaming platform that uses real-world images with additional graphics or information has gained a lot of success, especially due to the release of Pokemon GO.

However, AR functionality has gone beyond the game and is an ideal delivery mechanism for unlimited digital information.

The concept includes a heads-up display attached to the cyclist’s helmet, giving them a 360-degree view and alerting them of potential dangers by tracking overtaking. And there are applications like visual overlays that can rearrange the entire home without any paint.

However, the real future of AR lies in its potential to provide us with a new and improved means of accessing content and services that are indispensable to us. As pointed out by Microsoft’s HoloLens and Google Glass, in 2018 we can see that we use AR to check our email, publish on Facebook and discover the best route to town convention venues, all delivered.

Directly to us Immediate

Our eyes do not dislike or break the pace required of us. The current investment in this area is to prioritize the progress of underlying technologies such as depth-sensing camera lenses and physical environment mapping systems.

This shows that the industry is preparing hardware to ensure that these exciting ideas can be achieved. This does not mean that all of AR’s aspirations will be achieved in 2018, but they are driving the possibilities, depending on whether underlying technologies can make it a reality.

Robot Internet

Robot Internet,

Another area where we might see some fascinating research shift to business applications is artificial intelligence and machine learning. The application most likely to dominate in 2018 is the Internet of Things, connecting millions of ordinary devices from cameras to kettles to the Internet.

IT Concept Support We seem to desire continuous connectivity, and the physical objects we use every day are linked to a glorious (or horrifying) chain.

2018 might be the barista coffee maker that we all tell us at home and as we drove home we had Cubana, a chocolate candy café five miles away in our car Use a custom interface.

Or maybe not. But this interconnected spirit has reached the area of artificial intelligence through Cloud Robotics. These systems allow robots that are optimized for different tasks to handle specific issues individually but instead deliver solutions to each other.

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