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Are You Aware and Prepared for Cloud Computing Trends, 2019?

It is hard to believe that the days when the cloud was considered unstable and risky were not so old. But, the things changed in a mere five years, and the cloud became an integral part of our personal and business life. We can put a glance at our lives and easily notice that the dominating things are all cloud-based solutions, as every device is internet-connected. As per a report of IDC, by 2020, almost 70% of the expenses on services, software, and tech will be cloud-based. This statement implies that cloud technology is here to stay and grow forever, and therefore, you should make it a crucial element of your organisation. You should not be dealing with SaaS necessarily for that. We should always stay in the know of which things will affect our lives, be it professional or personal. He...

How E-Commerce can benefit from Cloud Computing?

Cloud technology have completely transformed the way how data is accessed. It not only minimized complexities and reduced costs but also allowed businesses to manage resources whenever required. Cloud computing has positive impact on various industries. Among those industries, e-commerce is the one that is getting huge benefit. E-commerce companies have effectively reduced the cost of operations and also improved their operational efficiency with cloud computing. Contributions of cloud computing are not limited to few aspects but it offers variety of solutions that boosts efficiency of an ecommerce enterprises in different ways. So now let’s see why Cloud computing in E-commerce is important: Scalability and Flexibility: These are the key advantages of cloud towards e-commerce. Cloud compu...

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