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Re-imagining artworks and illustrations sales to benefit creative community

Re-imagining artworks and illustrations sales to benefit creative community
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The Australian Startup and EdwayApps has launched the new platform on the market for Creative Designer: Creative Smart Hub (CSH). Structured as a Marketplace and Global Community, CSH is a place where the demand of quality design and graphics services can meet the offer with one particularity: human-made quality, enhanced by built-in Artificial Intelligence Tool that can be applied by designers and buyers to improve and edit any work quick.

Why Creative Smart Hub?

The rise of artificial intelligence has changed certain aspects of the digital creative market. Taking productivity as the norm, AI is designed to assist in how humans operate and to achieve the most effective outcomes faster. Even though this is the current situation, most creative professionals and business still don’t embrace the AI revolution to optimise their work, and most of them don’t even know where to start.

That is where the idea of Creative Smart Hub came from: provide cutting-edge advantages for creative individuals by enabling integrated AI smart tools and features. CSH allows designers to gain social recognition by broadening their design variations quicker without an extra effort, thus improving their financial return on creative products. At the same time gives to businesses or other freelancers to get design services 100% customised with improved quality but less waiting time, maximising the quality-price ratio and increasing productivity.

The problems in the creative community

The creative community is indeed competitive. We are in the well-connected era where everybody has full access to technology, and everyone has the opportunity to get inspired by the latest trends, styles and art concepts, but at the same time, creative work can be duplicated in an instance. Due to its constantly changing nature, it would certainly be challenging to stand out from the crowd as an individual. Being unique in the creative industry challenges designers to be more original & authentic, to have their brands and values which, as a result, the progress in modifying and sketching the art concepts to fit with clients’ ideas is incredibly time-consuming than ever!

In other words, the problem in meeting demand would arise when the market is in need for a supply of high volume usage but still need to be unique/ customised artworks. The increasing competitiveness in the industry also leads to cheaper pricing for designers. With the rising of or, artwork can be done for a much lower price in comparison with the quote from a professional designer. Such competitiveness triggers the consumers’ behaviours towards the creative industry that non-technical customers would tend to purchase a cheaper design disregarding the skills and quality; therefore, the professional designers cannot directly compete.

Critical issues in digital product markets

  • No customisation available
  • Limitation on supporting all the needs in a single platform
  • Difficulty to stand-out as a designer
  • Saturated and price-sensitive products
  • Restriction on available digital products

What’s unique on Creative Smart Hub

Creative Smart Hub (CSH) is a community marketplace, designed purely to assist creative individuals & buyer in overcoming mentioned challenges. CSH positions ourselves with the below benefits to fill in the market gap.

  • An intelligent marketplace for creatives to self-promote their designs with potential buyers.
  • Product showcases in multiple easy to find smart categories
  • Intuitive product upload and customisation functionality
  • Advanced tag enabled intelligent search functionality
  • A unique platform integrated with built-in editing tools to enable easy instant product customisation.
  • Colour Transfer
  • Style Variations
  • Style Transfer
  • UI Layouts variations
  • Filters and photo and pictures editing tools
  • A community ecosystem for both creatives, individuals and buyers
  • An online community of creatives sharing common interests and ideas
  • Latest information or creative products
  • Receive information on trends and tech updates
  • Get rewarded for your genuine activity
  • CSH Al helps designers and buyers to understand design trends and tastes
  • Identify colour pallets and search by colours
  • Identify tags and search for similar products
  • Rating by Al algorithms
  • Pre-suggested tags, categories and subcategories

Get more comprehensive information with infographics and video at our How It Works page here

For Designers, the main benefits can be to explain with one sentence:

Get recognised, stand-out and match to more buyers’ preference.

CSH provides ways to improve reputation to overcome the difficulty to stand-out and market price-sensitive problems through sales and Peer Review (activities). The connection between the buyers and the designers is guided by CSH’s AI algorithm and peer rating system. Peer Review would assist the designers to identify the proficiency level/ skills required to become the best designer in the field, whether with logos, icons, UIs, or artworks; whereas the buyers have an opportunity to search for their suitable artworks based on preference.

Creative Smart Hub’s future

Our goal is to bring significant improvements to the current platform. We seek to engage with strong investment partners who will add value at various stages of product development.

Visit Creative Smart Hub at

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