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Prime Peaks Mod Apk

Prime Peaks Mod Apk

Prime Peaks is a quite interesting game which challenges you to drive the mountain bike over the hill with some great graphics involving an effective amount of physics law in it. Prime Peaks offers the map in the actual way as one would likely to have experience on a real mountain or a hill. Therefore, the concept of the game is attracting numerous numbers of users and players towards this game of mountain biking and hill climbing. You just need to overcome all the irregularities of the map in order to reach the finish line.

The game has a multiplayer mode, so one can pass levels with friends, or play against each other in the same game using the thing called server.  It has been within the top 20 games on android since its launch on Google Play Store. Prime Peaks is one of the best game out there which is quite addicting too. We have provided the direct download link to download the Mod Apk of Prime Peaks and also the original version of Prime.

Drive through the difficult ways, wildest mountain terrains, each track is designed using the realistic game physics, offering you the best hill climb challenge out there in the middle. You have to test your driving skills and therefore, collect different and great amount of coins to become the number one driver of your area or of your friend circle. Now here are the features offered by the original version of Prime Peaks and the Mod Apk of Prime Peaks commonly.

Features of Prime Peaks

  1. The graphics of the game have used the realistic game physics which attracts a numerous number of players towards the game.
  2. The concept of driving the bike on a mountain or a hill is also very effective idea because there are lots of people who wants to feel that how it actually feels like while driving bike on mountain.
  3. There are totally seven different kinds of vehicles available in the game which can be used after unlocking every vehicle after crossing a certain specified level.
  4. You can compete with your own friends after connecting it with your facebook account. There are different tracks available in the game which keeps you attracted towards the game because you can compete on each track with your friends.
  5. There is an island available too as one of the seven different modes.
  6. Leader board keeps the record of your rank among your friends plating the game but the only thing required is a facebook login in the game. Thereafter, you can enjoy your game with you friends.
  7. Collect coins and upgrade to better vehicle for harder games.

The Mod Apk of Prime Peaks offers you some special accesses within the game which are quite helpful for the gamer to play the game. It offers you to play out with any of the vehicle from the starting of the game. You get unlimited coins to buy anything and everything in the game. The Mod Apk provides you some features which are actually pretty good as compared to the original version of the game available on Google Play Store. Unlimited coins and unlimited fun with the Mod Apk are first and foremost preference for keeping the Mod Apk over the original version of the game.

Summarized information about the Prime Peaks Mod Apk that we would be discussing in the article below.

Application Name Prime Peaks
App Version v2.7
Latest Update August 16, 2018
Apk Size 50 MB
Developed By A25 Apps
Price Free of Cost
Category/Genre Games/ Racing
Rating out of 5 4.5
Android Version Support Android 4.1 and above
In-app purchases Available (₹ 65.00 – ₹ 6,400.00 per item)
Root Required No
  • STEP 1: – Given button below is direct link of Prime Peaks Mod Apk.




  • STEP 2: – After downloading the Apk File of Prime Peaks. Install the Apk File of Prime Peaks on your android device.


  • STEP 3: – Navigate to the Downloaded Apk of the Prime Peaks and try installing it again on your Android device. Now, you might be able to install it successfully.


  • STEP 4: – After successful installation of the Apk File. You are all set to play the Mod Apk of Prime Peaks with unlimited resources on your android device.


  • STEP 5: – Now, you can enjoy your favourite Prime Peaks on your Android device.

Towards the End

I think Prime Peaks is undoubtedly the best game out there for geeks who want to kill their time when they don’t have anything else to do. If you have any query in any of the steps mentioned in this article, then feel free to discuss us about it in the comments section below.

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