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Optimize your app market with these top 10 metrics

Optimize your app market with these top 10 metrics

Mobile App presence is becoming important for all the category of businesses. Ever since the mobile usage has increased there’s a significant increase in the app marketing. The way people connect with an app is much different than the web. Mobile apps are all about getting installs, facilitating users, converting it into installs, installs into most used apps. The ultimate objective is to optimize the app to provide a seamless user experience. As businesses are starting to make mobile appearance to meet the user’s requirement, providing an engaging experience is becoming a major priority for the developers. The success of an app highly depends on the user engagement and activity of an app.

Moreover, users will rapidly adopt the mobile apps that are effectively doing their marketing and providing them great user experience. With regards to making your app successful one needs to analyze the mobile app metrics which is a crucial task. Below we have listed down the 6 mobile app metrics that should be critically analyzed to increase the app-purchase.

Number of downloads

The initial step to achieve app success is to receive a large number of app downloads. The larger the number of downloads, the better the app is. This is considered to be one of the major metrics for measure the user engagement of any app. If an app has a number of downloads in a short span of time, this will get the app ranked on the top list. From a marketing point, you can evaluate the effect of your marketing, the time and number of downloads, number of users who use the app regularly and much more. This will help your business to work harder and put in effort to improve in specific areas and gain success in no time.

Track the number of users

Before the app got developed, you must have made a defined your target users. After successfully launching the app with the help of user analytics you can check whether you have reached your targeted audience or not, whether the audience is liking it or not through their behavior and feedback. Track the number of users who have downloaded the app, number of users who use the app. It will give you a better insight into measuring engagement and help in planning the growth of the apps.

Active users

The active number of users measurement is much different than the number of downloads the app got. This will critically check that the users who installed the app are actively using the app or not. This gives an idea whether the users have become regular users and are actively using it rather than just keeping it in their phone. The number of active users should be higher as this will indicate that the app is providing an engaging experience to the users. The more the users stick to your app, the better ranking it will receive. Make sure to highlight the features that are most addictive and will drive the user’s attention enormously.

Sessions length

The measurement of sessions is one of the most important metrics that you need to evaluate. It tells the time duration a user spends on an app for a single activity. The engaging the experience is, the longer would be session’s length. The developers can evaluate the session length in terms of per day, week, or monthly basis. Moreover, the developers can also estimate the customers who spend a considerable amount of time to improve the experience. Therefore, it’s vital to gain long sessions.


Screenflow is an analytics that helps you get a clear insight about the flow between the screen, number of visitors the screen receives, navigation, and gestures characterization of app users.  This will analyze the screen activity of the app users of what the users actually did on the screen and where they went afterwards. This will surely help you to trace areas where they spent considerable time and highlight the problematic areas to improve. With all this information a developer can provide an ultimate user experience and drive back the lost users.


Retention is a metric that will define the number of returns your app got in the last 30 days. Basically, it will tell you if your app is providing an engaging experience to the users and if they find it appealing enough to come back to use the app. The most engaged users will surely come back, which in turn will lead to in-app purchase by providing favorable experience to the users. Moreover, the developers will get to the improvement areas and it can focus on improving those areas. It’s important to keep a trace of the number of retention users your app gets after its launch.


Reviews are important. The reviews will evaluate the user’s response whether they like the app or dislike it. The feedback that your app get makes a great impact on the number of downloads of the app. If your app is getting positive review that means it will encourage people to try the app and vice versa. The reviews for an app speaks up for the app it will certainly represent where your app ranks among the competitors.


If your app has the most commonly implemented sign up option, fill up a form, or writing a review etc. this will tell you the number of users who are converting to become your users. They are one step ahead and if they find an engaging experience there’s a high that the user will convert to become your targeted user. Hence, conversion rate classifies the ratio of the users who want to perform the goals as you want them to.

Session interval

Session intervals shows the time between two consecutive sessions of you app and it shows the frequency at which the user opens and close the app. This could be one way to measure the success of the app by checking if the app is addicting enough to provide a favorable user experience as it can tell how fast the users leave your app and return back. This can effectively evaluate the stickiness of the app and also tells you the area of improvement.

Lifetime value

Lifetime value is what every developer aims for. The lifetime value classifies how well you are monetizing your app. in other words, it means the total revenue that your app will be getting from the number of regular users. The sum of profit that an app will receive on a regular basis based on the number of active users and also estimate the money your app will receive in the future.

Our Verdict

Optimizing and analyzing for great engagement metric is the ultimate technique to keep the existing users and achieve more users. With the help of these top 10 metrics, you can easily track your app performance results and improve them to gain success. The decision depends on you if you want to stick to the app progress or make an effort to enhance it more by focusing on the improvement areas.

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