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Important aspects of Transforming Mobile UX: Progressive web Apps and Magento Commerce

Important aspects of Transforming Mobile UX: Progressive web Apps and Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce

As more and more population are using tables or mobiles to browse and for shopping whether they do it on the go or they are doing it from the comfort of their home. Magento Commerce makes the browsing system easier for the users so that they can freely browse, search things and buy it from there tablets and mobiles, by adding up gestures like zoom, drop, swipe, and drag that all the mobile users have come to an expectation.

Magento commerce can help in online storage with the full power of e-commerce to the mobile commerce channel and this is integrated into checkout, catalog, reporting, inventories, and many more function.

Progressive web apps

As there is a wide range of devices that we all can use on a day to day basis, the most chances are that you can be well informed with the web page. The PWA stands for progressing web apps, the next generation app which works over the browser but gives the feel exactly like an app.

PWAs are new class of web applications which makes use of modern web features such as push notification, secure connection and cache.they combine the capabilities of a native app with the available web browser. Being distributed through the web, it curbs down the overhead of licensing and app store. The Renaissance of development for web browsers eased out cross platform development.

For building a modern UX this is one of the best upcoming platforms which is becoming a new standard. This will also help in the progressive web application technology, accessible, well-polished, creating a responsive shopping experience for all the users or customers by putting the latest innovations and merging the accessibility of the web.

The difference between a responsive website and PWA

PWA is more than just a website but what are the advantages which will help in e-commerce and what are the differences is the main thing you should know and understand. There are some of the main features that PWAs are capable of that regular website can’t do.

There are some of the important features of PWAs which makes it popular among e-commerce stores and online development is as follows:

1 ) Mobile first interface: This is mainly built for mobile app development services and Smartphone’s only. When it is for the user interface design it requires a mobile first approach. You can also tailor the PWA interface for other users of mobile when arranging the unique features of devices.

When designing for PWA it’s important to forget about web designee. From the view of users, PWA is a typical application. So it is important for taking it into for designing inspiration and can also build an interface like application. The main expectation is from user application so that it can reach the full potential by delivering a mobile first experience.

2) Social integration: Combining and integrating with the users are the main thing which will help in knowing the favorite social network are great for engagement and acquisition of the PWAs. By using the social media place you can also streamline the registration process for the oncoming users by suggesting them log in quickly by using other social media like Facebook or Gmail.

This helps in avoiding and filling up long forms before getting the benefits of signed up users. This social integration can even provide many ways for online customers to integrate with your brand. This even helps the users to share their reviews, orders, and wish list via social media or network. All these steps help in higher brand visibility on the social network which is effective to attract high-quality new users for your online store.

3) Being an application PWAs gives the ability to send and push notifications to the customers. This will provide you with a high level of attention and eventually re-engagement with the customers. In the sense of e-commerce, it’s a perfect concept because all the customers want to know more about them and review their personal shopping experience. One more feature like pushing notification allows your communication to be more personalized and contextual. This will ensure that you are creating brand loyalty and getting those uncommon repeat sales.

This is also more that Magento magic also because it helps in accessing your content even when offline is one of the super important for reliability. Having a realizable website that all the customers or users can access is absolutely vital to your success if anyone is running an e-commerce store will suggest this.

Advantages of magneto merchants along with PWA’S replacement

The progressive webpage is not a solution of one size fit for every website like all the other best web development services they may be ideal for some sites which regular update.

These PWAs can improve your online experience like no regular website can do. This progressive web application is currently compatible with the most mobile application development company which one of the best things for Magento stores as it can allow widespread access to your content.

There are many browsers who have already recognized the advantages of PWAs on the device and even provide similar options to add the site to the homepage and also allowing for easier access to your content at any time.


The advantage for Magento merchants is Content management which is having a quality of being versatile in every aspect: the visual based page editor allows the shop owner to customize and build their offerings on the fly. It is nice for the code deficient for the toggling option of the user-friendly WYSIWYG. WYSIWYG stands for what you see is what you get. It is for those who want manipulation of basic functioning in the limit of the shopping cart.

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