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Top 10 Upcoming Gadgets for 2018

There is no faster changing industry than technology anymore. It seems that everyday there is a new device or widget that everyone is dying to have. That ranges from help in the office to the home and even includes those nifty gadgets that are useful and fun to have around. However, these gadgets are coming out so fast that it can be hard to keep up with what is worth your time and what isn’t, even for the savviest of tech fans. Today, though, you don’t have to worry about weeding through the mediocre to the cream of the crop though because we are going to show you the top 10 upcoming gadgets for 2018. Halberd If you, like most people today, take your laptop with you everywhere, you might want to consider Halberd. Halberd is a product of the company GateKeeper and is touted as “the world’s...

8 Best Apps for Smartwatch Lovers

Everyone out there owns a smartphone. Well now is the time to move a step further and explore the world using a smartwatch. It is said that smartwatches will replace smartphones in a decade or so. The technology is indeed very interesting. A smartwatch is a watch version of a smartphone, you have probably heard of the Apple Watch that holds 75% of the market right now. But there’s several other models too. These watches mean now you don’t need to take out your phone repeatedly to check your emails, refresh your playlist, answer calls, navigate the road and many other similar tasks. All you need to do is install your favorite apps in your smartwatch and there you go. Everything is available on your wrist in just one touch pretty much like a sci-fi movie showing the world in 2050. Following ...

6 Best Apps for Mathematicians

Every person in the world has to do math in any part of his life no matter how short the duration is. People from literature or medical fields usually not get accustomed to complex math. However, engineers, architects, town planners, lawyers and most commonly students and teachers need a handy tool to solve complex mathematical problems because this what their life is all around. In the past, people used guidebooks and solution manuals to get a solution to their homework math problems. Well today, this all solution this is just a click away. Following is the list of some awesome apps which help you I solving your mathematical problems of daily life. 1. Photomath This is the best app for early mathematics learners and school kids. The great thing about this app is that it does not use a com...

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