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How To Succeed With Gmail Ads?

How To Succeed With Gmail Ads?

If you have a friend who is an email marketer, you would know how they love swaggering that email marketing is one of the most compelling and powerful digital marketing tactics.

What if you don’t have multitudes of emails as leads or if you want to reach to new & potential customers?

Let’s us give you a fairly easy route to approach your audience – Gmail ads.

We are not trying to suggest that Gmail ads are more powerful than the email marketing campaigns. They are truly not!

Rather they are an effective medium of reaching into more inboxes.

Let’s give you a quick overview of Gmail Ads

Understanding Gmail Ads

Even if you have never given Gmail Ads a try, you would know that Gmail ads appear as sponsored messages in the inbox of the Gmail users.

Comparable to ads on Google search engine, Gmail ads show up with the little green “Ad” tag sign. It seems that Google has strategically planned the placement of Gmail ads like search ads.

At first instance, it seems like an unread message which can be seen on the top of a user’s inbox. Even if someone clicks on the ad, they will see an email style ad. This customarily features an image and a call to action adjacent with a sidebar ad summary.

Why You Should Think About Winning Gmail Ads?

On an average, consumers spend 2.5 hours a day checking their emails. This data, however, does not include the time spent on checking the inbox and the exact time spent for reading emails or writing them.


This leads us to a great thought that Gmail ads provide us with an incredible approach to develop and raise brand awareness. In fact, we believe that it can potentially drive more clicks and conversions for your business.

Moreover, it is amazingly easy to create Gmail ads. All you have to do is create a new display campaign in Google Ads and choose the option “Gmail campaign”.

Let’s discuss some of the tactics that you can use to get most out of your Gmail ads.

Target The Right Audience

With any display type marketing campaign, the best approach for campaign success is to select the right audience.

There are numerous ways to target your audience in Gmail ads-


Targeting with Keywords

Generally, keyword targeting is a great way to aim at people’s interest through certain words and phrases. Keywords allow you to be flexible with your approach, however, the genuine strategy here would be to target your competition’s branded keywords.

This is especially great if you belong to a niche with big-brand names.

Nevertheless, your headline should stick out with your audience and promptly demonstrate why people should open the email.

What you can do here is talk about a discount or tell a feature that gives an upper hand over your competition. However, if you are selling a similar kind of service, you would want to develop an ad that would talk about the benefits of working with your business.

Audience targeting

You might have already scouted down your audience that resides in your account. When you are audience targeting you are actually remarketing your product/service to your audience.

With Gmail Ads, you can instigate and incite the core of your marketing objective with your existing audience. If you have an already built in email list of your leads, you can expand the scope and size of your list with audience targeting.

In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to target millions of potential new customers and grow your target email list.

Demographic targeting


Most display advertising campaigns do not give much heed to demographic targeting. This is beyond our comprehension because we believe that demographic targeting can really support your display campaigns reach the right audience.

If you’re a business selling wooden glasses, your ideal audience would not be anyone using the keyword “glasses” or anyone who visits our website”. You would want to target people who are seeking to buy and ultimately convert as customers.

You would want to target consumers who are also in the right age group. The best way to succeed is to find out people who are converting and save their demographics. You can go to Google Analytics > Audience > Demographics > Overview

When you filter “Converters,” you can identify the ideal demographic quickly.

Headlines are Extremely Important


The headline is remarkably powerful when it comes to the success of your Gmail ad campaign.

Make sure you do not simply copy and pasting your text ad with your Gmail Ad. You need to know that a Gmail Ad headline allows you the room of just 25 characters and additional 90 characters for description.

Make sure that you leverage them to best to attract your customers to click on your ad. Moreover, you should make sure that your headline and description does not seem like an A copy but rather an email headline and body content for the email.

For instance – you can go like,” Save 20 percent on wooden glass frames. Don’t miss the limited time opportunity.”

You can also include emojis in your headline. These are great if they are directly linked to the content and the context of the subject. In fact, a study tells that emojis boost the email open rates as much as 254 percent.

But make sure to stay relevant. Don’t add emojis for the sake of adding them. Go with the subject. Also, the headline of the Gmail Ad highly depends on critically on the type of industry you are working with.

In the End…

At iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd we have been strategizing different approaches for organic optimization as well as formulating paid advertising strategies that work well with different industries. In fact our core functionality confides in understanding the client’s industry and customizing a plan that would work well for them.

If you are looking to build your brand authority and expand your audience with the highly relevant, engaging, well-researched and unique Gmail Ads, we invite you to collaborate with us.

Write to us at and know more about the digital advertising possibilities.

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