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How to promote your business online

How to promote your business online
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It is not much difficult to promote your business online. In this age of the internet, you can easily use the various social media services to promote your business. For the growth of your business, you need to reach to more and more customers.

Whether you are starting a new business or you are running your business for years, you need promotion to make customers remember that you are there for them. Here are some of the tips you can follow to promote your business online : –

Connect on LinkedIn, Facebook & Quora

LinkedIn is a site for Business and employment opportunities which works through mobile app and website. It is used by millions of people who are CEOs of different websites which helps in sharing business ideas and let you connect through your business icons. Facebook is used by almost all social media users. You can promote your business through Facebook by posting about your business services and products and you can also ask your friends to share your post.

You can create your official Facebook page to let people know about your business facilities and services. Quora is used by people to share their ideas in form of questions and answers. You can ask any question on Quora and you will get answers related to it. You can promote your business on Quora by writing articles on your business services.

Write promotional blogs and articles

To make the customers know about your business services, you should write detailed articles and blogs on different social sites. With the help of articles, you can easily tell the customers about your business organization or company.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not an easy process but every owner of any business organization or company should be engaged in it. But you need to give something for free for getting the various customers’ email address. You can build a relationship with your customers through various campaigns and try your focus on selling your services and products.

Use Google local and yahoo local

The only way to attract customers to your business services and products is that you use a platform where they can know more about you. At least, the customers should know there is a company in the market. You can add your business to the list of sites like Google Local and Yahoo local. These are the best platforms to list your business and get your business information verified by these sites.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you are new in a business, then you will need to build awesome and attractive content. You should ensure that your website is designed beautifully so that the customers can get attracted easily. You should make sure that the speed of your website should be fast. If your website can be opened on any mobile phone, then you will be connected by more people. If you are new and your content and authority are at not a high rank, then it will take much time in ranking among the top websites for keywords which are competitive.

Use media marketing

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It is very important that your business can be easily known to all types of people. Not everyone uses the internet, so you need to reach that part of society with media marketing. You can give advertisements in newspapers and televisions. More population is connected with newspapers and television. You can also arrange press conferences for your business where you will be able to get connected to various people easily.

Offer free services to customers

It is human nature to accept things which are available for free. You don’t need to provide high rate products for free but you can provide free consulting service for free or you can give a small product along with your services. But make sure that you give your contact details to the customer and you also take the contact details of customers so that you can provide them service for free.

When you will provide them free services, they will easily get attracted to your business and your business will automatically get promoted by people. When people will get free services, then they will feel that they own you something and then they won’t go anywhere else but take your services.

Give and attend professional seminars

To capture more attention of the public and your competitors, you can organize give and attend professional seminars. You can attend professional conferences and seminars so that people know more about you and your services.

Write promotional blogs and articles


To make the customers know about your business services, you should write detailed articles and blogs on different social sites. With the help of articles, you can easily tell the customers about your business organization or company. Use of articles with relevant images, designed infographics or charts improves your visitor base.

These were some of the tips with the help of which you can promote your business ideas and services to various customers. These tips will be very helpful to you in promoting your business and it will enable the growth of your business at a faster rate.

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