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How to Install and Activate Avast Cleanup with Premium Activation Key?

How to Install and Activate Avast Cleanup with Premium Activation Key?

Browsing the internet on your computer is a pleasure for most of us, but it’s not for a computer. Most of the websites and web browsers store the temp[orary files in your computer storage in the form of Cache and Cookies. The cache and cookies or any other temporary files are nothing but the trash in your computer. That’s why many experts suggest you install a cleanup utility to remove the temporary files regularly. You may have heard from the friend about Avast cleanup download.

The avast cleanup is one such utility programs, which regularly scans and removes the unnecessary temporary files and improves the computer performance. The latest version of Avast cleanup comes with tons of features, which are necessary for system maintenance and performance. In this post, we are going to share the list of all of the features and also the tutorial on how to install avast cleanup on your computer.

Features of Avast Cleanup Software

Multiple features come with the premium license of this software. It is very much different from the antivirus and antimalware software programs that avast make. Well, it is a computer performance suite and won’t come with other features like virus cleaning and stuff.

  • Disk Cleanup – This is the core feature of this software program. With the Disk Cleanup feature, you can scan the computer storage and find the unnecessary files like the unused files, extensive files, unused files, temporary internet files, download cache, and many other things. Then, you can remove them to free up space and improve the performance.
  • Optimize System Registry – Every software installed in your computer modifies the registry to activate the system components needed for stable performance. But when you uninstall the software, the registry modifications are still in place, which affects the system performance. The Registry Optimizer feature, which will automatically remove obsolete registry entries will encourage you to install avast cleanup on the computer.
  • App Freeze – Many of the installed software programs in your computer will run in the background. Some start at the startup and some at your command, but they all keep running in the background, impacting the system performance. The App Freeze feature ensures that the software programs are not running in the background and run only when you need them to run.

Avast Cleanup Premium Key for License Activation

If you are thinking of the Avast Cleanup Free download, then technically it is not possible. The Avast Cleanup is a premium software program that uses the Activation key method to unlock all of the features. So, if you don’t have the Avast Cleanup Premium key, then you won’t be able to activate the program.

But, the Avast provides a 30-Day trial period offer, in which you can activate the use the software for free of cost for 30-days. The trial period is enough to test all of the features and assess if the program is worth spending your money or not.

Activate Avast Cleanup Software using Premium key

Before activation, you need to install avast cleanup on your computer. If you’ve bought the premium license key, then you should follow the steps mentioned below. But if you are willing to evaluate the program with the 30-Day trial offer, then there is no need to follow these steps.

  1. First of all, note down the Avast Cleanup Premium key and download avast premium software.
  2. Install the software by following on-screen instruction.
  3. Once completed, open the Avast Cleanup and go to the “Settings” tab and then switch to the “Subscription” tab.
  4. In the Subscription tab, click on “Avast Cleanup Activation Code’ and enter the license key carefully.
  5. Once you type that carefully, click on “Activate” and your license is activated on the computer.

Final Words

Keeping your computer clean and maintain the performance is very important for productivity, if you work on your computer most of the times, then installing the software programs like Avast cleanup for computer maintenance is must do the activity. I hope you’ve learned everything about the Avast Cleanup program. Please comment below if you have any doubts.

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