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How to Create Online Logos in 3 Minutes – Easy and Free

how to create free logo
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Today having a logo that represents your company is very important to establish the brand identity. If you do not have great knowledge of professional tools like Illustrator and Photoshop then what we’re going to talk about in this article is for you! In this article, you will see how to create online logos quickly and without having professional graphical knowledge and skill.

Here are some of the most important design rules to keep in mind before you start to create your own logo.

–  Keep everything simple because a simple logo allows easy recognition. The most famous logos in the world such as Nike and Apple are recognized for their simplicity. So prioritizing the rule in your work will be critical to your success.

– Keep in mind that your logo should be easy to remember, which can be achieved through the simplicity and uniqueness.

– Your logo should be durable and effective in 10, 20, 30, 50 or more years. Do not change it frequently.

– Versatile! A versatile logo can work with various types of media and print into different sizes.

The service we are going to talk about is DesignEvo, a site that allows you to create logos quickly starting from more than 5,000 fully customizable templates.

After entering the site and clicking on Make a Free Logo, you will immediately see thousands of templates to start creating your logo. After choosing the logo that you like the best, you can begin to customize it according to your tastes. All you need is a little imagination and a lot of creativity! DesignEvo will take care of the rest.

On the left sidebar, you can find a menu that includes all the items you can add to your logo, starting from millions of icons to many kinds of fonts and geometric shapes. The icons integrated into DesignEvo are searchable. Obviously, each area will have its main symbols and icons, those that most identify its brand with that market and with its target audience. You will definitely find the one that matches your company.

Furthermore, after being added to the logo, it is possible to customize every element as much as you like, changing size, rotation, and position, etc.

In order to align everything correctly, you can count on the help of grid lines. The colors of each individual element can also be customized to your liking and you can choose a gradient color that starts with one color and goes to another, making a beautiful shade.

How to choose appropriate colors?

There are several theories about how colors can deliver messages to your audience. In fact, it is necessary to make an elaborate study, but we can give some clues:

• Blue: Trust, loyalty, tranquility, balance.
• Red: Passion, speed, urgency.
• Black: Luxury, class, exclusivity, refinement.
• Green: Freshness, nature, growth, life.
• Purple: Creativity, high luxury, originality.
• Silver and gold: Exclusivity, high value, refinement, excellence.

DesignEvo has a powerful text editor that lets you create the perfect typography. Wondering which font you should use? You can follow some general rules:

• Light letters: lightness, refinement, precision, subtlety.
• Bold letters: consistency, power, durability, solidity.
• Sloping letters (italics): speed, movement, direction, agility.
• Letters with serifs: Elegance, tradition, classic style, wisdom.
• Handwritten letters: detailing, personalization, proximity, handmade care.

You also have the option to UNDO and REDO every step of logo editing in case you do not like the new changes and want to go back or forward.

After completing the creation of the logo, you can save the project online so you can return to edit it anytime you want. Just click on Save button at the top right.

Finally, when you are satisfied with the result, you can download your logo by clicking on Download button in the upper right. Then you have to choose how you want to download the logo since there are three plans available.

The free plan allows you to download the logo with a limited resolution. You will get a zip file that includes your logo in jpg and png formats.

The basic plan ($19.99) allows you to have the logo in higher quality and also a transparent png is downloadable.

The plus plan ($39.99) allows you to get larger size logo and more format types like PNG and SVG. In addition, you have the copyright ownership of every logo you have customized and purchased.

The price is not high by calculating the tools made available, the simplicity and the speed of use. So you can finally say that you have a professional logo not having spent almost anything! You can place it on the front of your office, in envelopes, letterheads, business cards, etc. In these situations, it becomes quite clear how a logo is important for you.

Pros of DesignEvo

– No advanced knowledge needed.

– It only takes a few minutes to complete a logo.
– Get creative inspiration from more than 5,000 templates.

– You do not need to create the logo from scratch on your own.

– Take your logo to the next level with rich resources: icons, fonts, shapes, etc.

– Cloud saving and unlimited re-edits.

– Preview function – having a look at how the logo will show on different projects: business card, stationery, t-shirt, letterhead, etc.

– Free downloads, no watermarks.

– Easy to use, anyone who can move the mouse will be able to use it.

Cons of DesignEvo

– No print service.

– Unable to upload local graphics to use.


Designing a logo has never been so much easier with the help of DesignEvo. Its ease of use, simplicity and high-speed workflow let everyone bring to life an amazing and custom logo in just a few minutes. Even if you know nothing about graphical design, you can turn your inner ideas into reality without difficulty.

DesignEvo’s mobile apps are also available which can be downloaded on the iTunes store and Google Play, allowing you to create a logo in the palm of your hands.

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