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How Mobile Apps Made a Revolutionary Change in the Healthcare Industry?

healthcare mobile apps

Technology and smartphones are the runners of today’s modern economies. They are at the forefront in the dynamic world we are living in today. The fact is evident enough because of the multitude of mobile apps we have around us.

This fact is not just restricted to modern and developed economies, but to economies which are still in their developing stages and/or are underdeveloped. The low-income economies, the middle incomes ones, every single economy is driven by mobile apps and technology.

This abundance in the technological and mobile app sector has brought about a change in the healthcare industry in a huge way. This has led to its improvement and development, for the better!

Of course, healthcare and technology are both codependent. They tend to go forward hand in hand. Any development in the technology department is surely going to bring equal levels of development in the healthcare sector as well.

Healthcare industry, no matter how uncertain, cannot match the certainty of the technology sector. This is the prime reason why the healthcare industry benefits the most with the help of technology.

With over 160,000 healthcare based mobile apps around us, this fact gets it own backing. Healthcare industry has risen in the last few years, all thanks to the rise in mobile apps and technology.

Coming few years are sure to see a surge in the development of healthcare industry because of technology. The surge is expected to be over $200 billion. This assumption is leading tech giants like Google to go ahead and reinvent the healthcare industry by their own innovations!

How did this begin to happen in the first place?

Try and search for healthcare mobile apps on any one of the following platforms – Google play store or the Apple App store.

When you are looking for them, you are going to come across thousands of mobile apps which are going to provide you appropriate information about hospitals, doctors, health clinics, medical supplies, etc. with respect to your location and your needs.

These healthcare mobile apps involve the following kinds of basic information. One must note, however, that these apps are not limited to solely these forms of information.

  • Informative results about doctors and medical practitioners in accordance with our geographic location
  • GPS based location information to help you reach the medical practitioner
  • Direct calling and messaging service with the hospital and medical practitioners
  • Alert systems, notifications, 2D and 3D mapping
  • Information about the facilities available with the hospital and medical practitioner

Healthcare mobile apps catering to our needs are seen to be not just helpful, but versatile, convenient and pretty simple.

Healthcare mobile apps are turning out to be more like a revolution today!

The way people have always perceived the healthcare industry, healthcare mobile have revolutionized it. The healthcare sector has changed in accordance with its approach. It is becoming more and more digital.

The whole industry is practically coming online and is adapting to all kinds of digital changes around us. This digitalization ensures better interaction and communication, along with better maintenance, care, and management in the healthcare industry.

There are several mobile apps out there which are already doing this. Digital Pharmacist, for example, is making information about pharmaceutical products easily available to people.

They can learn about the medication, its advantages, its side-effects, and anything else that might help them know their medicines better. Digital Pharmacist also supports cloud storage, which makes communication between customers and pharmacists easy and simple.

Lybrate and Practo are two other very similar mobile app platforms which help connect regular medical help seekers to medical practitioners and hospitals. Lybrate hosts over 90,000 medical practitioners across the country.

Practo, on pretty similar grounds also hosts data for most medical practitioners, clinics, and hospitals across the country. You cannot just access the basic information from these app platforms, but also you can book your appointments with these professionals, consult them and avail other benefits.

All in all, healthcare mobile apps are pretty successful!

Infiltration of technology in the healthcare sector has turned out to be a great move! It has made communication and interaction much better and has simultaneously helped give a quick boost to the industry.

It has also led to easy and faster means of data transmission in the industry. This has turned out to be the biggest benefit of technological infiltration in the industry, as multiple lives are at stake!

Today’s rapidly changing environment calls for these mobile apps to do the actual work. They are looked up to, when it comes to meeting the needs of all kinds of people. These mobile apps allow reduced costs and enhanced benefits for people, along with real-time solutions!

Almost every mobile app development company, therefore, must keep these things in order to be successful! A great healthcare mobile app is supposed to provide all the basic convenience, information, and real-time solutions. If they are not providing these benefits, they are going to be swayed away by the powerful gush of other better mobile apps.

Healthcare mobile apps have changed interactions!

This is probably the prime reason why healthcare based mobile apps are so popular. They are gaining momentum, every single minute because of the interaction prospects. They are providing better tools for interaction between doctors and patients in a completely secure manner. Medical information, reports, texts, in fact, anything can be shared across the platforms these apps provide.

These mobile apps help patients schedule their appointments, monitor their treatment plants and also their medication and its effects on them. These apps also analyze health reports for us and remind us of any future appointments, checkups, and pills that are needed to be taken. They support picture sharing, video chats and real-time conversations so as to get their queries answers immediately.

Healthcare mobile apps provide a human touch!

In a way, these healthcare apps are pretty rewarding. They can truly satisfy the people in terms of feasibility and convenience. They give people a sense of care and nurturing.

They give them the benefit of believing that there are people out there who are going to take care of them and reach out to them whenever they need them.

A simple process of real-time interaction where a medical professional can reach out to a patient in a quick way leaves them feeling elated and satisfied. To put it in a simple way, healthcare mobile apps humanize technology.

The healthcare industry has been growing for quite some time now and will continue to grow at a similar pace. Infiltration of technology in this industry has helped make people’s lives easier and more dynamic.

Most mobile app development companies are today earning greater profits by relying on mobile apps catering to the needs of this industry. And, at the same time, these apps are also helping medical practitioners reach out to as many people as they can at the touch of a button. These apps help them develop better relationships with their patients this way.

While both, the app developers and the medical practitioners garner their benefits, people who are consuming the content on these apps are happy with the way these apps are changing their lives. Their lives have now become more and more easy and convenient for the medical attention they are getting.

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James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor - currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.


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