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GDPR – everything webmasters need to know

GDPR – everything webmasters need to know

A one of the biggest regulatory changes in decades, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union (EU) is a data protection game changer. The last couple of years have been quite eye-opening to those who were unaware of how much the internet was changing things in terms of privacy.

We’ve all been using websites which, in the past, would have charged us at the point of use. Today? The fee that we pay is our privacy. We instead give away things like personal details, addresses, data, demographic information and contact details. We do this all the time, activating ourselves into marketing campaigns and targeted messaging day-in, day-out. This is not helped at all by the fact that so many websites for so long forced us into reading extensive policies to find out what they would do with our data.

Add in the fact that most sites demanded that you had to agree to everything or you would not access, and data protection became pretty unethical. As a webmaster, it’s vital that you “get” what GDPR is all about: a failure to do so could be pretty costly for you in the long run.

Getting GDPR ready

First off, it would be pretty foolish not to spend some more time getting GDPR educated. If you take some time to read into GDPR rulings, you will quickly understand that you no longer have the same freedom to ask for what you wanted.

For one, you will need to prepare to move all of your data to an EU regulation. If you process or use the data of any EU citizen, then it has to be stored in a way that GDPR accepts. You should look to make sure that you work with your web development team to put in place a clear plan of action to migrate all data to a GDPR-compliant location.

As a webmaster, you might be more used to just running WordPress and Magento scripts. If you are unsure of where you might be falling short in terms of compliance, reach out for professional assistance – don’t just wing it.

Get eCommerce Corrected

One big change that you will need to make is to your commerce solutions. If you run an eCommerce site, then you need to get it all changed around to be GDPR compliant. Many useful solutions exist for this, including this GDPR plug-in for WordPress e-commerce sites. This will help you to start making some changes to how your business operates online in the safest manner.

Making sure that your eCommerce platform is collecting and using information correctly is very important. It’s quite easy – too easy – to make mistakes with eCommerce sites when it comes to meeting the new regulations. The sooner that you can change around your compliance, the better. Most CRM tools will be GDPR compliant as time goes on, but we recommend reaching out to your web development team to discuss this in person.

Setting up new security measures

Another major change that you absolutely need to put in place is a change to the in-house security measures. Security is among the biggest parts of the new GDPR protocols, and will take no shortage of effort to make sure you meet new standards.

You will need to build some new detail about how good your website is protected. Find out what kind of encryption your website is using, and then report this to all of the people who use your website service at present. Make sure that you are running with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology installed. You need to ensure all data is encrypted both during and after transit to your server.

You should also look to make sure that you get rid of any and all information that is no longer applicable to the business. Invest in a shredder and start getting rid of all of those pieces of paper that just lie around the place. Instead of keeping onto old and outdated content, GDPR asks that you get used to shreds and permanently remove any and all sensitive information that is no longer of use to the business now or in future.

Creating new policies

Lastly, you will need to undergo the creation of new policies for all of your websites. This means that you have to write up a custom, bespoke privacy policy. We recommend hiring a GDPR policy specialist to help you do this, as the new policies are far less protected through being so verbose.

In the past, a privacy policy was like a riddle of randomly assorted information. Now, you will need to clearly tell anyone who uses your website:

  • What kind of information that you want about the person, and why you want that information.
  • What tat information will be used for, and how they can verify this information with you.
  • Where the information will be stored, and how they can retrieve a copy of these details.
  • Who will see this information, and who will be able to access it for marketing purposes.

You also need to make sure that nothing is pre-ticked, and that you cannot deny entry to someone for refusing. If you can comply with the above, then you should be much more likely to benefit from GDPR.

Don’t take any risks with it, though: these are vital regulatory changes which will bring hefty punishment if you don’t keep up with them. We recommend that you look to hire a GDPR compliance expert as soon as you can. As a webmaster, you might lack the legal nous to make sure that you can comply with GDPR regulation.

Since messing up with GDPR could see your company censored and then eventually fined a huge sum of money, it’s recommended that you spend as much time as you can to get used to GDPR changes. These are here to say, and you cannot avoid them if you do any business with even a single EU national. As a webmaster, learn about compliance and you can avoid any GDPR-related headaches down the line – casino pick have created the infographic “55 thing you need to know about GDPR” below;

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