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Fundamental Rules to Succeed in Business


Since biblical times, dialogues have proven to be useful tools that allow us to always keep in mind the fundamental principles to guide our actions.

As an entrepreneur Cameron Chell, find the dialogues, or in general the lists of principles, very useful; especially when I share them with my collaborators. But attention: the important thing is not to have lists of principles or even values, but to give them life, throughout the entire organization.

  • The first thing is that you have to know and understand what the business is about: Know it in detail or do not enter it!
  • Never forget that the central purpose of any business is to produce more and better products or services … always at the lowest possible cost, thus achieving the client’s preference.
  • It is essential to live and breathe an environment of extreme economy: resources are never left over.
  • Do not miss good growth opportunities as by Cameron Chell business instincts; but be very careful with the trap of over-expansion, especially avoid dreaming of new business when you do not have the staff capable of executing them.
  • When you delegate authority and responsibility, you must maintain close and constant supervision over delegated persons.
  • You should always be alert on how to improve processes, save costs, increase sales and lower expenses. Learn and use the Kaizen method.
  • You must be willing to take risks, as long as the risk is justified and the business, or the proposed initiative, presents a reasonable probability of being profitable.
  • You must always support your products and services with a very wide guarantee of satisfaction for the client and in case of doubt, always decide in favor of the client.

If you succeed and you become very rich, consider that wealth is to work it and put it at the service of the people. Remember your responsibilities to your employees, partners, shareholders and the public.

If we execute this Decalogue we will reduce the chances of failure in business (although I suspect that most of these principles will serve us for life), I hope that the businessmen and young executives, who begin the great adventure of business, this Decalogue It is useful, in any case, I invite you to share your views in the comments section.

What does an entrepreneur have to do to be successful?

What an entrepreneur like Cameron Chell Calgary does is identify business opportunities and structure a business, to solve those opportunities. I identified two that were unique in Nicaragua at that time, because if you are going to put things that already exist, you have the problem of the competition from the beginning and you can judge whether or not it works versus the one that does not exist, I said: I’m going to get in that because there is still a market that has not yet been identified and I’m going to want, and in both cases we have done very well.

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