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Encryption – Merits & Demerits

Encryption – Merits & Demerits

Encryption is one of a kind technique that comes up with a rare type of algorithm to protect your data by using data encryption softwares it. When the encryption is activated, there is less or no chance of anyone accessing your protected data. The ideology of maintaining solid security is that unless you lend your password key to someone else, nobody would be able to access your data as it is locked. Similar to a digital vault stored in a bank where you need a digital access key to unlock the vault.


No breaches: the process of encryption confirms that once the data is encrypted, there is no chance for breaches to occur or trouble you one way or the other.

Data is meaningless:

Once the data is encrypted, it becomes into a form that is not readable and hard to understand. It is a type of information that under such state cannot be of any use to the hacker, intruder, snooper etc. know that your password has a lot of importance as if you lose it, you might face the similar consequences of finding your data in meaningless state.


The process of encryption allows you to separate the data from the device security. Proper security is added with the encryption process that lets the rightful authorities store data, transmit data etc. through unsecured means.

Confidentiality is high:

It is mandatory for a lot of high end companies to maintain bullet proof security of their valuables or else they would lose their company overnight. Companies that do not have any physical product for example, finance companies are very much in need of encryption as they do in depth analysis of findings and further on give their remarks on the performances. Such type of company is forever supposed to be indebted to the AES 256 bit encryption standards.



Without a doubt, the process of encryption isn’t cheap or free. It proves to be a costly or expensive service that needs proper financing if you require reliable security. Other free types of encryption do exists such as the built-in system encryption but it does not have enough juice to protect your data completely.

Encryption keys:

The process of encryption is a challenging task even for an IT expert. The more the keys of encryption, the more the difficult tasks exist for managing and maintenance of all the keys. If by chance you lose your key by mistake or carelessness, you might just have said goodbye to your entire data as there exists less or no chance of recovering data without a password. It can be a merit for someone, but a demerit as well.

Unlikely requirements:

If a company isn’t able to identify all or some of the restraints set by best data encryption tools technology, it becomes quite easy to impose not real or too high requirements and standards which could make your life a living hell.


The process of encrypting data isn’t a piece of cake. In most cases, it can be a bit tricky while laying security on applications and existing programs. Overall, it has the ability to tackle/impact the daily routine objectives that exist within the system.


Encryption has no competition, no arguments in that but what it offers asks in return your money, effort and time to make sure you’re no longer open to threats. In addition, if you’re willing to opt for this mode of security, choose the latest AES 256 bit encryption algorithm only as the previous versions aren’t that secure anymore.

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