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Best Tips and Tricks for Magento Developers

Best Tips and Tricks for Magento Developers

If you are into e-commerce domain (whether business or web development) you might have heard of the name of Magento quite often. Magento which happens to be an open source e-commerce platform developed by Varien that powers more than 2, 50,000 websites that are active today.

This open source PHP written e-commerce platform is one of the most preferred tools of developers and firms who tend to get there website build. E-commerce firms generally hire dedicated Magento developer to get their expertise and services in the process of development of websites. To hire dedicated Magento developer the common way out is to consult an IT and development firm or one can go for hiring freelance developers.   

However, there are certain things related to Magento development that most of the developers are not aware of. Knowing these things or you can say tips & techniques can be really beneficially for someone who is working as a Magento developer.

So, if you are a Magento developer (or aspire to be one) and are wondering what are those tips & tricks that you are missing on then hold on. You don’t have to do any research to get an insight into these tips. Yes, you got it right we would discuss them right here in this blog only.

Now, if you are interested in enhancing your development skills in Magento what you need to do is to continue reading until the end. Without much ado let’s get started.

Be updated     

If you are into a technological domain like development then keeping yourself updated with the latest happenings (related to development only) is a part of your profession. At a time where new changes and newer versions of software are launched every hour as a developer, you must be aware that what advantage and features are coming in with newer updates.

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest advancement would help you a great deal when you interact with the clients who are wishing to get their development needs fulfilled as per the latest standards.

In this regards learning of is also important. Studying about the updates and learning from various online sources (about effective ways of development) is a crucial element of your development career that would help you immensely in long run. Remember that learning is the path to growth.

User Interface

Graphics User Interface (GUI) is one of the most crucial parts of Magento based web development (or in case any kind of web development). The GUI is the user interacting phase of the e-commerce website developed. To get the best GUI as a part of Magento development project shall be the aim of the developer.

However, most of the Magento developers are not aware of or are confused in regards to the best GUI. JetBrains PHPStrom is the best GUI out of all the available GUIs for Magento. It comes in with:

•    SSH Console

•    PHP 5.5 Support

•    Remote tools

•    Enhanced PHP syntax coloring

•    Enhanced Testing Support

•    Enhanced Debugging Support

So, the next time you take in the Magento development project make sure that JetBrains PHP storm is your first choice for GUI.

Development Environment

Another problem that Magento developers face is in regards to the selection of the best suitable development environment. There are a good number of Magento development environment that are available out there but to get the best results one needs to choose the best of them all.

PHPStorm happens to be the most trusted and popular integrated development environment for Magento. Netbeans is another effective development environment that goes well with Magento development. Among others, one can opt for certain extensions like Zend Studio.

Choice of Plugins  

Choice of Plugins is crucial irrespective of the platform on which you are developing the website. For customization and updates in the website, Plugin plays a crucial role both during and post-development.

In the context of Magento development PHPStrom Plugin happens to be the best.

Apart from the awesome GUI and environment support, it provides the developer with many features in hand like:

•    XML documentation

•    Evaluation of PHP code

•    Autocomplete for factories

•    Go to mode for template paths

File Editing

One important fact in regards to Magento development that most of the developers are not aware of is that editing core file is not a very good option. In case one wants to edit the Magento file then make sure that you have a backup of the same.

For editing a core Magento file one must follow the below-mentioned procedure:

•    Create a new theme folder on the level of the default folder

•    Create  a new layout and template folder as a subfolder under the theme folder

•    Edit the files now as per your needs

Applying these tips and techniques would help you a great deal in your Magento development career. If you wish to share your views and feedbacks with us then feel free to connect with us through the comment section below.


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