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Best Drones for Photography | Features & Price of Top 5 Camera Drones

Best Drones for Photography | Features & Price of Top 5 Camera Drones

Within a short span of time, Drone existence into the market has transformed from a hobbyist affair to full-on cultural phenomenon. The market in the present situation is absolutely saturated with a lot of drones. They are also available in different shapes, configurations, and sizes. The features of these drones make them really tough to select the best one out of all. Therefore, to help you decide the ever-changing landscape and increasingly large UAV’s, we are providing the definitive list of the top 5 best camera drones in the market available right now.

Top Drones for Stunning Videos and Images

Here are top 5 best camera drones for photography. Check  all the top drone features and choose the best from them.


DJI’s have produced the latest and the best drone i.e., Mavic 2 Pro. The most important functionality of DJI Mavic 2 Pro is its flight time in the sky. The motors are fitted to its four arms which help the drone to hit 44 mph in Sports mode. It has a large battery which provides 30 minutes capacity to remain above the ground. The Mavic 2 Pro Drone comes with 8 GB of storage capacity along with expandable Micro SD card slot.

Check out Mavic 2 Pro Specifications, Pros, and Cons:

  • $1,449
Technical Specifications:
  • Weight – 907g
  • Controller – Yes
  • Battery – 3,850 MAH
  • Camera Resolution – 20 MP
  • Range – 3.1 Miles
Things I like about Mavic 2 Pro:
  • Amazing Foldable Design
  • Various modes of Photos and Videos like Single Shot, Burst Shooting etc.
  • Capable of tolerating the wind drift
Things I don’t like about Mavic 2 Pro:
  • Cannot shoot 4K at 60fps
  • The camera view of Mavic 2 Pro is only about 100 to 1600 pixels.
  • The pictures and videos captured by the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone may be in blue color interference when there is bad light.
  • Complex to operate as it has many features within it.

Splash Drone 3 By SwellPro

The  Splash Drone 3 is a top of the range utility workhorse. It has the ability to perform fishing or Rescue and missions for photography. It has a variety of quick change modules that are attached under the airframe. The camera of Splash Drone 3 sits under the waterline when floating under the water for amazing photos and videos.

  • $1,199.00
Technical Specifications:
  • Weight – 1447g
  • Controller – Yes
  • Battery – 5,200MAH
  • Camera Resolution – 14MP
  •  Flying Speed – 16m/s 58 km/h
Advantages of Splash Drone 3:
  • Easy to operate for travelers, divers and users.
  •  It is very robust in nature.
  • It has good engine power.
  • Gives a flawless image.
  • Contains several flight modes.
  • Has the capacity to resist strong winds.
  • Replaceable battery.
Disadvantages of Splash Drone 3:
  • Trouble to connect the remote at the beginning.
  •  Cannot adjust the effect of white balance in flight.
  •  Shortage of battery life, only 15 minutes of flight time.


Parrot’s new foldable ANAFI is one of the top 5 best camera drones on DJI’s squadron of consumer camera drones. It is not pocketable as it is 244mm length when folded. Therefore, it is easy for transport. The battery of Parrot ANAFI provides up to 25 minutes of flying time.

  •  £629.99
Technical Specifications:
  • Battery Life – 25 mins
  • Transmitter Range – 2.4 miles
  • Camera Resolution – 4K/21 megapixels
Things I like about Parrot ANAFI
  •  Great video quality of 4K.
  • 21 megapixels stills.
  • Very Portable.
  • Excellent camera zoom.
  • Stable Flyer.
Things I don’t like about Parrot ANAFI:
  • Slow charging of the battery.
  • No obstacle avoidance.

Spark By DJI

DJI Spark is lighter in weight and smaller in size than Mavic Air. Its propeller arms do not fold and it won’t fit in the jacket pocket like Mavic Air. DJI Spark is the portable and smallest selfie drone in existence now. It is available in 5 colors. This drone comes with rock steady and also front obstacle avoidance. Its camera shoots 1080 pixels vide and 12-megapixel photos. The battery gives around 16 minutes of flight time which is considered a decent drone of this size. This is considered as one of the top 5 best camera drones.

  • $399
Technical Specifications:
  • Battery Life – 16 mins
  • Transmitter Range – 1.2 miles
  • Wifi Range – 100 meters
  • Camera Resolution – 1080p/12 megapixels
Advantages of DJI Spark:
  •  Helps in taking great selfies
  •  Affordable price when compared to other drones.
  •  Has the capacity to fly by avoiding obstacles
Disadvantages of DJI Spark:
  • The arms of propeller do not fold.
  • Has the capacity to shoot only 1080p at 30fps.
  • The DJI Spark cannot be used for the commercial or professional purpose.


The  Parrot Bebop 2 FVP Pack comes with GPS equipped system that makes the drone easy to record and fly. You can connect it to an Android device or Apple or any Sky controller tablet dock for the best flight experience. The Parrot Bebop 2 flies up to 25 minutes and it is also equipped with an emergency feature of cut – out which stops the rotors as soon as they come to the contact with an obstacle which is considered one among top 5 best camera drones.


  • $329.99
Technical Specifications:
  • Wifi Range – 100 meters
  • Camera Resolution – 1080p/14 megapixels
  • Battery Life – 25 mins
  • Transmitter range – 1.2 miles
Attractions of Parrot Bebop 2 FVP Pack:
  • It is cheaper than DJI’ s Mavic 2 Pro
  • Very stable.
  • Easy to operate.
Disadvantages of Parrot Bebop 2 FVP Pack:
  • Limited Range of just 2 km.
  •  Only digital camera stabilization.
  • It has just 8 GB internal memory and there is no option for removable storage.

The above given are the top 5 best camera drones available in the market and also budget-friendly. The specifications, advantages and disadvantages are given so that the best can be chosen easily. DJI’s MAVIC 2 PRO has more advantages than any other drone. It has the feature of Adjustable Aperture and also possesses iconic Hasselblad Image Quality. If you want to buy the Top Drones you can buy with maximum discount check The latest deals and coupons for all Deals On DJI Drones will help you save approximately 30% on any of the drones.

Author Bio:Nelson has been a technical writer and a blogging freak. As a writer, he is passionate about technology, gadgets and many more. He loves helping analytic people and reaching their goals. Apart from this, he loves traveling and surfing the net.

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