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Best Blogging Apps for iPhone or iPad


Blogging apps are there to help you in blogging business. Blogging is one of the oldest ways to spread ideas around the world. It has started as writing notebooks to manage the day to day routine or as a personal diary. But the notebook was not the way to spread the word. It was just a way to keep the things to yourself.

Some of the wise people have seen more potential in blogging. With the origin of Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and other tools blogging become more productive. Not blogging has adopted an entirely new face where the whole world can look at your creations.

These apps and tools provide extensive options to the publishers and writers to share their content with people Worldwide.

Today I am going to share about the best blogging apps for iPhone or iPad.


Weebly is one of the most popular platforms to create a website or blog for free. Weebly blogging app for iPhone allows you to manage your blog from your iPhone. You can redesign your blog, post blog posts, reply to comments, check traffic stats, etc. Weebly is one of the most popular blogging apps.

Weebly app is available for free. You can easily install it and use it.


WordPress is the most popular platform to launch websites or blogs online. WordPress blogging app for iPhone allows you to quickly start a new blog, publish blog posts, manage comments and plugin, etc. You can also edit old posts, reply to comments delete spam comments and engage with your readers. WordPress is also one of the most popular blogging apps available for free.

Squarespace Blog App:

Squarespace Blog App is another popular app for bloggers. It offers you various features such as Layout Engine to easily create and edit blog posts. You can also change the format of text, add links, photos and design the layout.

Like every other blog, your blog will also receive a lot of comments. This app helps you easily moderate comments. You can delete spam comments. You can manage multiple blogs or websites efficiently using this app.

Blog Touch pro App:

Blog Touch Pro is a prominent blog editor app. You can create new posts, edit existing posts, manage comments, etc. It is the best app to improve the quality of your blog posts. You can publish not only the posts but also schedule blog posts.

You can also use Blog Touch pro offline.

It is a paid app.

Cube App:

Cube is a professional yet free app to run a mobile blog. It helps you to create blogs easily. No matter you are a new or professional blogger, Cube is always there for you. You can ask questions to the community members and also use poll option.

This is one of the best apps to engage with others and turn your blog into a brand.

Tumblr App:

Tumblr is not just a place to share blog posts but also allows you to create a blog. On Tumblr, you can create blog posts, photo posts, video posts, etc. There are a lot of other blogs that you can follow. You will also enjoy the benefits of being part of the blogging community.

Blogo App:

Blogo is a blog editor app for bloggers. It is easy to use app filled with a lot of features to effectively edit blog posts. You can access this app offline. You can efficiently manage your WordPress blog posts. To handle multiple blogs, you need to buy pro version of Blogo App.

BlogPad Pro:

BlogPro is a professional app for bloggers. BlogPad app allows you to manage blogs on various platforms such as WordPress hosted; self hosted WordPress and Blogspot. With th help of jetpack plugins, you can view the stats of your WordPress blogs. Its visual editor is impressive to edit or create new posts. You can also write or add HTML codes.

You can efficiently manage blog comments using BlogPad pro app.

Final Words:

These are few of the most popular apps for iPhone or iPad to boost your blogging business. These apps will help you to become professional and easily manage everything related to blogging. If you still have any question, ask me.

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