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Benefits of ASP.NET Core to build modern web applications

Benefits of ASP.NET Core to build modern web applications

What is ASP.NET core

Earlier, dot net programming was restricted to only Windows or PC users. However. With the development of dot net core, it is possible to develop applications that can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc by using runtime, library, combiner components, and other such tools. ASP.NET application development has broadened its horizons since this development. ASP.NET is an open source network for building modern web applications. It can be run on both a dot net core runtime and dot net framework in order to be compatible with all platforms.

Improvements of ASP.NET Core

The application development has evolved to core application development and this has come with a whole range of improvements. The improvements ultimately tie into the advantages of ASP.NET Core as the open source network for building and running modern web apps. Below is a list of the improvements in this latest development which will be followed by a discussion of the benefits that these new improvements entail for modern web app development.

  • Modern web app development has been made easier through ASP.NET Core
  • Side by side app visioning is supported by dot net core
  • NET Core allows for a merged stack of MVC and Web API
  • Web apps developed with dot net programming are now compatible with multiple platforms including Linux and MAC OS X
  • Dependency injection support is now built in
  • Independent hosting is also possible apart from running on Internet Information Web Services
  • Improved support for cloud deployment
  • There is now integrated support for the creation and utilization of NuGet packages

Benefits of ASP.NET Core

These new developments have created some unique benefits of using ASP.NET core to develop modern web applications. Let us take a look at the advantages below.

  1. Compatibility

It is now possible to hire dot net developers for developing cross platform mobile applications since the core development has made it possible for dot net programming to run on multiple platforms and not just Windows. The visual studio code component of the visual studio allows applications to run on Linux and Mac OS X as well which was not possible before. This allows developers to come up with one application that can run on multiple platforms without having to develop separate code for each platform.

  1. Flexibility

ASP.NET core application development, relies on an open network framework which allows developers to have consistent modularity across the environment of project development, enabling simpler coding. This way libraries and framework components can be added at will as and when required for application deployment. Essentially, the core development has made the dot net programming increasingly flexible in terms of coding and changes to code.

  1. Cloud computing

This expanded modularity and flexible environment has also made cloud deployment easier. The modular architecture of the dot net programming has improved cloud support for the application that is being developed.

  1. Independent hosting

ASP.NET application development could only run on the Internet Information Services web server. However, the ASP.NET Core application development can run on multiple web servers since it is compatible with multiple platforms. This hosting independence has added to the flexibility and ability to transition smoothly of dot net programming, making it ideal for modern web applications.

  1. Tag helpers

Before you hire dot net developers it is important to understand if the ASP.NET core application development is the right choice for your modern web app development. Tag helpers are a great feature in favour of going with ASP.NET core. HTML files can be rendered to Razor files through server-side code participation in building and transformation. This feature once again brings added flexibility as it can be used to add custom tags or alter the behaviour of existing tags. It is easier to use than HTML helper methods and can replace them if necessary. Visual Studio and IDE for dot net programming also enable the creation of HTML elements in an improved manner through tag helpers.

  1. Dependency injection

The new core development ASP.NET core application development has the dependency injection built in. This makes the dependency injection inherent as opposed to the earlier version where they had to use a third party loC container. The fact that it is built in means that it can be used more effectively for supporting coding structure or viewing files with the inject directive.

  1. Support for JSON

With the new core development, data from various providers such as Environment Variables, Azure Key Vault and Command line parameters can now be used. This is because ASP.NET Core programming can now support JSON based files and configuration providers. All the developments which have been outlined above target improved flexibility, cross platform compatibility and a broader spectrum of development. This is yet another development that allows the application to perform a wider range of activities.

  1. net is in has replaced the Visual Studio unit test framework for performing unit testing in the core application development. Since dependency injection is inbuilt, coupled with ASP.NET Core is far more suitable for unit testing.


ASP.NET Core programming is currently extremely the sort after for developing modern web applications. The advantages outlined above are proof as to why people are looking to hire dot net developers at this time. The cross platform compatibility, the flexibility in terms of platforms and coding, the increased support for cloud deployment, the ability for the program to be hosted independently, the inbuilt dependency injection and usage of for unit testing, the new tag helpers feature, and the ability to support JSON files, are all very strong reasons as to why ASP.NET core is the perfect program for developing your next modern web application.

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