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Advantages of Leadership Based on Happiness

Advantage of Leadership

Many of you who are reading these lines, you can think that it is a topic of special relevance in any organization today, however, as a result of the last years of economic crisis, the reality is that it is absent in the business ecosystem.

Advantages of leadership based on happiness:

Happiness at work is the key to productivity:

  • When are we more imaginative, creative or innovative? For when we feel happy, happy, relaxed, that is, when we are in our element. Let’s imagine the opposite case, which unfortunately is what continues to dominate the current scenario. Fully hierarchical companies in which there is no multidirectional communication, based on orders and authority, where workers are simple numbers that can be easily replaced by others.
  • Perhaps now it is easier for us to understand why companies based on happiness as a way of productivity receive CVs in bulk every day. The happier we are at work, the more confident we are. Consequently, we are more productive.

Promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the people on your team:

  • According to study data, it has been shown that one of the best ways to keep a team motivated is to work on projects. In this way we will avoid stagnation, routines, in short, boredom, and on the other hand, we will be giving rise to the development of their professional careers. There are many organizations like Landmark Forum out there providing the best leadership development program. You can also check Landmark Forum Reviews before proceeding.
  • In this type of strategies, collective collaboration is also encouraged, since it is very likely that they appear on the scene, collaborators from other departments, or even external to the company, who are only present for that particular initiative. In this way the teams are transformed, accepting different profiles to solve a common question. If the workers are happy, they will not feel the new collaborations as threats and the work and creativity will have better results.

Coordinate team strategy with business culture:

  • In integration is the key, and now we returning to the previous example of some other companies, creative company par excellence that has excellent workers. For them, their selection and recruitment processes are completely different to the majority; in fact they are presented to the supposed candidates that in many cases do not have a concrete solution. What do you look for then? Creativity and originality in the answers. Only in this way will a balance be achieved between the fundamental culture of the company and its members.
  • A curious fact: this anecdote can be controlling and excessive but it is totally true: Google came to measure what was the ideal waiting time for its workers in the queue of the dining room, reaching the conclusion of 4 minutes. This made them happy, because if they were more they began to get impatient, and if it was less, they could not socialize enough with their peers, so they adapted all their resources to achieve this specific time.

Strengthen your internal and external Employer Branding:

If a company is headed by good leaders as guide program, the immediate consequence will be an increase in the notoriety and prestige of the brand, and therefore, a natural attraction of talent. Then it will be the task of these leaders to keep it and retain it. The Employer Branding must be present in the culture of any company that boasts and in all its stages.

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