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Advantages and Benefits of eCommerce or Electronic Commerce

Advantages and Benefits of eCommerce or Electronic Commerce

The creation of an online store became an obligation and not an option for some types of companies, because electronic commerce has many benefits for all actors involved in it: companies, consumers and society. Patrick Mackaronis is one of the founders of Brabble, an app that combines the worlds of social media and eCommerce in one convenient technology platform. Pat Mackaronis also serves as the director of business development for the company.

The main benefits of electronic commerce are:

Benefits for companies to have an online store:

Global reach: Electronic commerce allows the elimination of geographical borders at low cost and quickly.

Reduction of costs: the implementation of an electronic store is much smaller than the implementation of a physical store.

The business is always available: E-commerce solutions allow for availability 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at a low cost.

Personalization: Personalization of customer treatment is achieved quickly and efficiently.

Niche market: Companies can efficiently and cheaply serve customers with very special characteristics (niche markets).

Innovation: Electronic commerce facilitates customer knowledge and innovation in the organization.

Proof of products: You can try new products through campaigns or surveys, reaching a very large number of potential customers and very low costs.

Low communication costs: Companies using the Internet as a communication channel manage to significantly lower their costs.

Efficiency in purchases: Important efficiencies are achieved in the purchasing processes of companies when using the Internet.

Customer knowledge: You can get to know your customers better, which will facilitate the satisfaction of your needs and expectations.

Improve customer service: The quality, efficiency and costs of the customer service process are improved.

Low inventories: Electronic commerce allows companies to minimize inventories.

Distribution of digital products: The cost of distributing digital products is reduced by up to 90%.

Challenge to the intermediation chain: Sometimes producers can sell their products to consumers, without using the intermediation chain.

Network Economy: Internet grows every day so it is more valuable every day because a network is more valuable as more members have.

Allies that facilitate Adoption: Companies that enter electronic commerce will have allies to facilitate the process, from the shipment to the customer’s door, passing through paper shavings, to the box for postal delivery.

Benefits for consumers of electronic commerce

Ubiquity: The client can be located anywhere with Internet access and can perform the transaction.

More products and services: There is a wide variety of products and services available on the Internet.

Customized products: The personalization of products or services is very common in e-commerce sites.

Products or services at the best price: The consumer can compare prices of products or services to buy the one that suits him best.

Immediate shipping: Digital products are delivered immediately.

Information available: The client has a lot of information at his disposal about the products and services he is interested in buying.

Share your experience: You can use the internet and social networks to communicate your shopping experience.

Infomercial items: You can find items that due to their low turnover are not sold in physical stores.

Tracking orders: Consumers have the ability to track their orders through digital media.

Benefits for the ecommerce society:

Reduces pollution: E-commerce prevents consumers from moving to physical stores, which reduces traffic and pollution.

Increase coverage: Virtual services allow more services to reach poor people.

Standard life improvement: The purchase of products and services at a lower price generates a better standard of living for people.

Increase access: Allows people in rural areas to access products that are not available in their geographic location.

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