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7 Tools Any App Developer Should Use for Better Productivity

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There are so many days when we are in the mood to give the best at work, but small hindrances kill our productivity. It can be the noisy environment, long-distance video calls or a sudden blockage to your chain of thoughts. Business professionals are always looking for tools that can keep them organized while being on the go.

App developers are no different when it comes to productivity issues. More than 4.3 million Americans are now working from home, which means there is a need for new measures to battle the problems which prevent a person from being consistent with his/her train of thoughts. However, small lifestyle changes and better tools can help you in giving your best at the job.

Following is a list of some tools that can keep app developers focused and help them find the trivial issues that take up so much time in the day:


Slack is one of the most famous workplace software in the world. Professionals all over the world rely on Slack to regulate work and co-work effortlessly. MIT Tech Review rates Slack as one of the fastest growing workplace tools in the world!

One great thing about this tool is the messenger. You can be sitting continents away and still be able to converse with your team as if you were huddled together on a desk. It makes it easier for freelancers to deal with overseas clients and work efficiently. When you have a smooth communication platform like Slack, you cut down on time and stay on track.

You can ‘pin’ important notifications if you want to be reminded of tasks on any given day. Searching is also smooth inside conversation archives. Back in the day, email used to be the most important conversation medium to interact for internal communication.

Slack’s primary goal is to cut the time spent on writing and sending emails back and forth. Real-time conversations speed up communication, and you can get back to work quicker.

It was inevitable for the company to introduce GIFs and emoticons in the chats, to add a fun flavor. The ‘Slackbot’ is also a quirky assistant that sends funny replies to lighten your mood.

Moreover, the Slack app can be downloaded to your mobile device and be used on the go. There are multiple apps out there which help in communicating, so why not choose the best of its kind with Slack?


Wondering how to tackle all your pending tasks in a day while maintaining a normal routine? If you are one of the 17.6 percent developers who work full time remotely, your time is the most valuable asset to you. Remote workers have to juggle a freelance lifestyle while being on a deadline, and the best tool that can align all tasks for them is Trello.

You can classify your tasks as ‘’To Do”, “In Process” and “Done” categories. There are cards which you can add in each category. These cards can contain Google Drive links, attachments, highlights and comments. You can make a team board or a personal board track your work through Trello.


When you are bent over a project, you sometimes lose track of time and other things lined up in your schedule. The best solution to this query is to keep a handy tool like actiTime with you.

actiTime is designed to keep track of an individual as well as a team’s time spent on a task. It is an excellent work management tool as well if you are the one devising tasks to junior developers on a team.

actiTime is more helpful when you are a freelancer, sitting miles away from your employer. You can record time spent on tasks, control project progress and analyze the profitability of the task. Managers can make the most out of this tool by making use of its reporting features. Managers can track the productivity levels of the team and key issues that kill time each day.

If you start a project with initial estimates, actiTime will either help you match your goals or evaluate the time taken to complete the goal. If your team accomplishes the task in a lesser time, you can reward them for their increased productivity.

For regular employees, actiTime is a good tool to keep track of the day’s work and main things that may be taking up more time than necessary. In the 9 to 5 drill, you can use this tool to manage work and expenses accordingly.

Oh, My Zsh

Github rates this as one of the most popular productivity tools for developers. Oh, My Zsh is an open source framework for managing a Z shell configuration. Developers working in the command line can benefit from this tool in their daily drill.

The creator Robby Russel says that he put together the scripts and shortcut tools he has been using for years and put them into an organized framework for the benefit of his community. The tool has more than 1000 contributors and dozens of plugins for Rails, Python and other technologies.


Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technologies are increasingly being applied to our development projects. The number of jobs requiring AI has soared by 450 percent. If you want a tool that can help you ace your AI game, H2O is what you are looking for.

H2O is an open source tool embedded with a machine learning platform for developers. It is written in Java, Python and R programming languages. The best thing about H2O is that it will work according to the language of your choice. You can easily apply machine learning and predictive analysis without the worry of changing a language.

If you ever need to analyze data sets in the cloud, H2O will help you accomplish the task most effectively. The tools are available on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The Silver Searcher

How frustrating is it to search for code? Many developers will agree. If code searching takes up a huge chunk of your time, you need to add The Silver Searcher to your toolkit. Also called ‘’Ag’’ (the symbol of Silver in the periodic table) this tool leverages many CPU cores to search code files.

The best thing about Ag is that it is faster than many code searching tools out there. This cuts down on time and hands over the code to you in no time. At this point, you can trust Silver Searcher for all your code file needs and stay updated with your project deadlines. It is a mature software present to serve you on Github.


If you are a developer with a flair for gaming, it is time to win your work as if you were part of a video game. Habitica is a popular productivity tool that turns your work into a game with RPG-like rewards and punishments. The funniest thing about this tool is that it shows your tasks as giant insurmountable monsters. The more monsters you deal with, the better you perform in your game. What better way to slay your tasks than in a real-life game.

If you find it too boring to play alone, there is a social networking option in Habitica. If you are working with a team, you can compete with a colleague and improve the overall work atmosphere. If a boss is hurting you or your teammates, you can fight with them and tackle challenges to win special prizes.

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