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7 Cutting-edge skills to edit a page on Wikipedia

7 Cutting-edge skills to edit a page on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the biggest online encyclopedia in the contemporary times. The website is multilingual and is accessed by almost every country. The website was launched in 2001 and since then it has gradually grown its reach and currently is listed in the top 10 most visited websites. The website could be accessed by anybody and the content present on it could be read by anyone regardless of their identity, however, creating or editing a Wikipedia page is not that easy. The website although is accessible by everyone but everyone cannot make a page there. The page could be created after following a strict process that is full of requirements and guidelines. However, there is another list of guidelines that you need to follow while editing the pages on Wikipedia. Here are 7 things that you must have to edit a page on Wikipedia.

  1. Research skills

This is basically a skill that you cannot skip in anything that is related to Wikipedia. Research is found everywhere Wikipedia is. Wikipedia does not accept everything and anything. People, in order to post any content or edit anything, should back it up with strong references. Thus, the Wikipedia editors must know how to research on different things and projects. If you edit a page without the research there are chances that it will be either not approved or will be removed from that Wikipedia page. Wikipedia editors thus must have the researching skills to get their Wikipedia editing right on target.

  1. Ability to think critically

Thinking critically becomes important at places where there is only a little margin to edit. Finding the gaps where editing could be done is one of the things that Wikipedia editors have to do and this could not be done without the ability to think critically. The content and point of editing must be according to the requirements which is why the critical thinking is important.

  1. Must be aware of Wikipedia guidelines

People often confuse it that Wikipedia editing is like editing that is done on any other social media platform but it is not. You would have a lot of problems in Wikipedia editing if you think this way but only people who are not aware of Wikipedia guidelines would be saying that. People who are aware with Wikipedia know that there are strict guidelines and requirements that are needed to be followed in Wikipedia editing. Wikipedia editors in this context get a deeper understanding of the Wikipedia guidelines when they are editing a Wikipedia. This makes them able to consider what should be edited or what should not be edited. Well, for every Wikipedia professional they must have this skill to understand the Wikipedia guidelines or else there will be problems in their services. Wikipedia is one of its kind and thus the requirements are important to be followed.

  1. Must have the knowledge of recent trends

Wikipedia pages are about personalities and organization or events. The Wikipedia editors before editing any page must know about what is happening around. This makes them find the areas or pages where he could edit the content to make his profile strong. Knowing the recent trends will give him the chance to explore more things to edit. Also, it will help him to keep the page up to the date which will improve his worth as a Wikipedia editor.

  1. Ability to monitor

Another skill or ability that these Wikipedia editors must have is the ability to monitor things. At times different bots or other editors do contribute to a page that you are managing this might reflect upon the page which is why they should be proficient in managing or monitoring. Wikipedia editors in this context must know how to monitor the page that only the information that is relevant or desired is posted on the page they are managing.

  1. Ability to communicate and coordinate

Wikipedia editors cannot work isolated and they are required to work in a team. They must communicate with the clients, Wikipedia writers, researchers, Wikipedia managers and many such other people to bring effective results. Without communication, they might be in trouble and their work might look unprofessional for which they are required to do it. If a Wikipedia editor is unable to communicate he could have problems in getting the requirements of the clients or how the work has been done on a Wikipedia page. This is why they need strong communication skills.

  1. Should know different contribution styles

Contributing to a Wikipedia page and editing it might look simple but it is actually difficult. It might require the understanding of different style through which the contributions could be made. Some people upload picture while some edit the written content. While in written content there could be minor or major contributions. A minor contribution is where a small detail of something is edited in a Wikipedia page and major is where a section or something big is changed, replaced or edited. These different styles of contributions should be known to Wikipedia editors to make his work effective.

Every professional career requires a number of skills to improve in the field or to make a worthy status in their respective field. Same as that these skills will help the Wikipedia editors to get effective results for their work. These skills might get you the topics that you can use while editing or these skills can help you about how to edit some content but these skills will surely make the Wikipedia editors gain some importance in the Wikipedia services.

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  1. Really helpful content. And of course, Wikipedia always wants us to post some genuine content in it so you really need to focus on all these.


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