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6 Best Apps for Mathematicians

Apps for Mathematicians

Every person in the world has to do math in any part of his life no matter how short the duration is. People from literature or medical fields usually not get accustomed to complex math. However, engineers, architects, town planners, lawyers and most commonly students and teachers need a handy tool to solve complex mathematical problems because this what their life is all around.

In the past, people used guidebooks and solution manuals to get a solution to their homework math problems. Well today, this all solution this is just a click away. Following is the list of some awesome apps which help you I solving your mathematical problems of daily life.

1. Photomath

This is the best app for early mathematics learners and school kids. The great thing about this app is that it does not use a complicated method of entering the mathematics problems. You just have to scan your problem you want to solve. The app will automatically find the solution of the app. Now there are some limitations of this app. The algorithm used by the app to identify and scan the problem text does not work very well with hand-written problems. However, it works fine with printed text. Secondly, the app is not efficient enough to solve complex math problems. It can only solve simple arithmetic and algebraic problems.

2. iMathematics

This app is another good option for mathematicians. This app is far more advanced and technically up-to-date with latest mathematics algorithms and solving techniques. The premium version of this app offers a wide range of math problems as compared to Photomath. This app also contains various math learning tutorials and modules for students. The bad thing about this app is that you just have to enter the mathematical equation or problem manually. Unfortunately, the app does not offer a service like a photo capturing of the problem.

3. MyScript Calculator

This one is another great app with an added feature of screen gesture recognition. This app can recognize your hand-writing on the interface screen so that you can manually write your problem on the screen. You can use mathematical symbols as well like, radical sign, division sign, trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions and many more. This app also has this bottle-neck of minor difficulty in handwriting recognition. Sometimes the app does not understand your written symbols like square root and raised-to-power etc.

4. Graphing Calculator

If you are an engineer, an architect or a physicist then most definitely you need a graphing calculator or a plotter very often. Instead of spending bucks in buying a good graph plotter, use this great app. This app is developed by Mathlab and is quite an experience to enjoy. The interface of this app is really great and handy. You can plot any complicated graphs y=using this plotter app with such an ease and flexibility. Thousands of downloads on Play Store with a good 5-star rating is a clear indication that, this is something worthy to try.

5. Khan Academy

This one is a great math library and online platform for mathematics learners. the app is loaded with tons of different video lectures and tutorials discussing tips and techniques to solve various math problems. There is a huge range of topics covered in the lectures like trigonometry, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, integration, differentiation, limits and functions, analytic geometry and many more. This app also offers you a list of some practice problems to solve.

6. Mathematicus

This app is a treat for engineers, architects, and students who are not efficient in remembering formulae. Either it is algebra, trigonometry, functions, calculus, analytic geometry or any other field of math, this app offers you a list of all the useful formulae you need to sort out your daily math problems.

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