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5 Techniques to Connect Online with Prospective Customers

5 Techniques to Connect Online with Prospective Customers
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The Internet is full of people, companies, web pages, services … Everyone is there. And, however, that everyone is there, also means that there are already hundreds of companies looking for these people to offer their products or services. That’s why it’s so important to differentiate yourself on the Internet and try to capture your potential customers in the most concrete way possible.

Believe it or not, your potential customers are on the Internet and, in addition, they are waiting for you. Nowadays, everyone has an online presence and everyone navigates. Sure, you devote yourself to what you do, there are people interested in your product/service that you can access thanks to the Internet, and do you want to know how?

Online marketing to attract potential customers

When you launch into the world of online marketing you can do so with many different objectives in mind: brand recognition, customer service, visibility … But, being honest, it is most likely that what you are looking for on the Internet is your client’s potential

The Internet has opened a world of possibilities for companies. When before we had to take risks with outdoor advertising that we did not know who really saw, very expensive TV ads that few could afford or small radio spots, suddenly the Internet comes and tells us where our audience is and what is the best way to get to be.

So is one of the biggest advantages of the online world is that it allows us an incredible segmentation of our potential customers and powerful tools with which to reach them. Today I want to review the 5 online actions, for me, more effective.

The 5 actions to get online leads:

  1. Get leads with Google AdWords campaigns

AdWords is one of the most powerful tools today for capturing potential customers on the Internet. What this fantastic tool allows us is to reach directly people who are actively looking for our product or service.

AdWords is the paid advertising tool on Google and what it does is allow advertisers (that is, companies) to bid on keywords. Ads are only shown when a user does a specific search on Google. Imagine that you sell shoes. A user searches “buy shoes”. Your ad appears. Great, is not it?

If your goal is to capture potential customers quickly, this is your solution. Yes, I recommend that you choose a good AdWords agency that is responsible for developing and managing your campaigns to get the maximum benefit possible.

  1. Get leads through Social Media Marketing

Your customers are on social networks. That’s how it is. Unless you dedicate yourself to selling oil transport tubes, in which case you may not even be compensated to be online. But removing extreme cases, everyone has a presence in, at least, a social network.

The good thing about marketing in social networks is that we have a brutal segmentation of the target audience: by age, by gender, by tastes…

This allows us to reach only people who really may be interested in what we offer. Of course, in social networks, we must be very careful with the way we approach users.

You have to keep in mind that you are almost entering your personal space and you have to be very respectful with that.

And if your potential customers are companies, that is, your business is B2B (Business to Business), believe it or not, your target audience is also in networks.

Only in this case will be in different networks than the final public, the so-called professional social networks of which LinkedIn is the king.

  1. Get leads through lead capture

Does that sound like Content is King? Well, the thing is out there. The Inbound Marketing aims to capture leads or contacts concerned and subsequent loyalty and conversion. It is quite obvious.

To sell, you need contacts or people interested in what you offer. The capture of leads is that, get users to leave their contact information.

But here is not worth anything and less if your goal is precise to get potential customers. For your strategy to really work, you have to always look for people who are really interested in what you offer.

  1. Get potential customers through email marketing

This action is really linked to the previous one since you need a good database to be able to carry it out. Said quickly, is to send periodic emails to your contacts previously acquired, with information about your company, services, products, news…

Eh, but without passing, without overwhelming your database and without being boring. Here I leave a post with the most common mistakes we make when doing email.

Usually, mail marketing is used more as a tool for customer loyalty and/or leads. However, it can also be very useful for attracting potential customers if it is used well. Once you have a series of contacts interested in you or what you offer, email allows you to reach them in a very personal way (directly to your inbox).

  1. Get leads with Remarketing

Although remarketing can be said to be part of all the previous actions, I wanted to give a special section for its great importance in attracting potential customers.

Explained roughly, remarketing what it does is reach users who have already visited a certain page, section … of a website. They are users, therefore, that you already know that they have shown interest in what you offer and that they probably only need a little more push to become clients.

Surely it has happened more than once and more than two. You are thinking of doing a master’s degree (to change the example), and suddenly thousands of ads on master’s degrees are chasing you across the network. Chance?

And you, have you used any of these 5 actions to attract potential customers online? Tell me your experience in the comments! Would you add any more to the list?

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