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5 Reasons Why ASP .NET is the Right Choice for Web Development in 2019

Asp Net Application Development

Do you require web application development in 2019? Have you given any thought to the technology that you should be using for the development? Whatever type of website or web application you are wanting to build, ASP .NET web development framework will meet your needs perfectly. This framework by Microsoft supports the development of powerful, interactive, and dynamic web applications. Whether your web development project is small or big, ASP NET application development can be relied upon to execute the project in the best way. Below are shared several reasons why ASP .NET is the ideal web development platform for your needs:

1. No Huge Amount of Code to Deal With

Vast amount of code can be a nightmare to deal with. If you like keeping things simple and manageable, then you’d like the fact that ASP Net development allows web applications to be built with less amount of code. Even if you have a big application to build, the coding required wouldn’t be too much with ASP .NET framework. Keeping the application’s code within manageable scale ultimately helps in keeping the entire application manageable too. By using ASP .NET framework, you’ll realize that even your large application is not so difficult to manage.

2. Your Application Will be Easily Deployed

ASP net Web Development

Complicated application deployment process can cause unnecessary delays in your project completion. ASP net web development helps you avoid any complexities or hassles related to deployment. You can have your web application deployed quite easily because of the built-in configuration related information. The step of registering components is eliminated. Since deployment is an integral part of your web project, the fact that deployment process is easy with ASP .NET certainly serves as an addition to the already big list of advantages of the framework.

3. ASP .NET Applications Deliver Superior Performance

One thing’s for sure no matter what type of web application you’re building, you would want it to be high-performing. Performance is a characteristic that all users expect from the web application they are using. Applications that deliver great performance are able to impress the users easily. So you know that performance is an absolute requisite trait for your web application. ASP .NET framework offers several features to enhance the performance of the web application. Caching services, just-in-time compilation, early binding, and native optimization are some of the most remarkable features of the framework that allow the applications to meet the expectations of superior performance.

4. ASP .NET Framework Offers In-built Features for Security

ASP net core application development

Ensuring security is very important in web applications. What’s great about ASP NET application development is that the application developed will be highly secure, thanks to the in-built security features provided by the ASP .NET framework. There are features like per-application configuration, form authentication, and Windows authentication, which are offered as built-in features by the platform. So the web application developed using ASP .NET has a very secure foundation to begin with. Since having a secure web application is a necessity, the features offered by ASP .NET to ensure the same are worth noting.

5. The Framework is Open-Source

If you want to keep the costs of your web development project to the minimum, then you’d be pleased to know that you will be able to use ASP .NET framework for free. That’s because the framework is open-source. Once you hire affordable and high-quality ASP Net web development services provider, you can use this open-source web development platform as per your project needs. What’s more is that this platform is backed by Microsoft, which means that despite being an open-source platform, ASP .NET is constantly being developed and enhanced. Applications built using ASP .NET are here to stay for a long time.

Here’s What You Should Do Next…

Now that you are aware of the several reasons why you should be using ASP .NET for building your web application, let’s see what your next steps should be. After all, a well-planned start is the key to the success of your whole project.

Have a clear picture and scope of your application requirements ready in your mind. ASP .NET framework is powerful enough to support nearly all your requirements.

Hire a professional and experienced ASP Net development services provider for building your application. Discuss your requirements with the provider thoroughly.

Choose the programming language in which you would like your application to be written in. Know that ASP .NET is a language independent framework permitting the use of any of the languages such as J#, VB, C#, etc. You can choose any of these languages that best fits your needs. Isn’t that flexibility in choice at its best?

Define goals and plans for the web development project. This is important to do before the development work begins. With clearly defined goals, expectations, and plan, it becomes easier for everybody to understand and achieve the results desired.

Work hand in hand with your Asp Net application development company throughout the application development process. Communicate with them often to remain closely involved with the project during every phase.


We have discussed some of the best benefits of ASP .NET framework, which also serve as the reasons why using this framework for your web development project is a good choice. Let’s now extend our discussions to the framework that is an advancement of ASP .NET. We’re talking about ASP .NET Core, the successor of ASP .NET.

ASP .NET Core is a modular, open-source, and cross-platform framework offering a wide range of valuable benefits to facilitate modern web development. ASP net core application development is ideal when you need cross-platform support for your web applications. Being a cross-platform framework, ASP .NET Core allows applications to be built as well as run on various operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Whether you choose ASP .NET or ASP .NET Core as the framework for your web application, you’ll be choosing a great framework to build your application upon. Take stock of your application needs to decide which of these two frameworks is more suitable for you.

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