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5 Major Digital Transformations To Accommodate & Adjust To Voice Search Queries

5 Major Digital Transformations To Accommodate & Adjust To Voice Search Queries

The world of internet search is witnessing a major turnaround with the increase in the number of voice search queries. All thanks to the emergence of digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa that Google has realized the need of optimizing search results to benefit the end users.

As per PWC report, as many as 71% of respondents prefer voice over physically typing the search queries.

It only goes on to assert that search marketers have to up the ante to twist the website content for voice queries as well. However, to which extent this possibility holds the ground is a question mark in itself.

As users are growing comfortable and Google is equally vigilant to filter the queries, internet marketers have to pull their sleeves up to create powerful websites.

As per Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report, as of May 2017, Google’s machine learning-backed voice recognition has managed to score a whopping 95% word accuracy rate for the English language.

For instance, people use voice search as an obvious option to know information about the location, hours etc.  But that’s not all.  People are slowly opening up to seeking information about different brands. Have a look at the Google’s survey results

Most companies are optimizing the content for possible voice search queries with smart tweaks in content. However, that is not a sustainable solution. You can certainly improve the results but its effectiveness is shrouded in uncertainty given the complexity in voice search.

Herein, this blog will shed light on 5 such possible considerations that can help your websites rank better against search queries:

1.    Refine Keyword Search

Have you drawn line of difference between a typed and voiced query? For instance, you may type, ‘Nike Black Shoes’ but with digital assistant, it can be – ‘How much do Nike shoes cost in my city? ‘

Catch the difference. In the former, the query is generic but the later has it properly defined. All you need to do is configure the possible questions to draft the website content.

You can use the Google search also option – “People Also Ask” .  It helps you in rounding up more closest derivatives of the search query.  This feature has been quite a help ever since it came into existence in 2015.

It gives you a fair enough ideas as to what all users can search for in different context of the search queries. Get professional SEOs to get all the assistance to pursue keyword analysis for your website for voice queries.

2. Structured Data

Lets face it, optimizing for voice search can be tricky. The results for your voice queries are very specific. And no matter how much your content writers exert, there is no guarantee if your website will be ranked better or not.

Make things easier for Google bots with structured data markup. Remember, structured data markup has little to no effect on your website ranking but it can strengthen your voice search results.

In fact, it is considered a good SEO practice to add more rich information to the search results. Use, to provide relevant and purposeful information about your website to the Google bots.

The information is crisp and clear. It yields multiple benefits against voice queries. In fact, the biggies of the likes of Amazon and Google aggressively pursue structured data with the hope that Google bots are indexing the local results for search queries.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile has become a ubiquitous digital tool for search marketers to reach out to a wider audience base. The mobile-first digital ecosystem asks for the webmasters to tweak the content in a way that stands relevant for local search queries.

For instance, if you are looking for the nearest cafe in your mobile, Google would rank results based on your current location. Since you are typing it on your mobile browser, it’s pretty obvious that you are out of your home, and interested to visit the cafe.

Some of the useful tips include:

  • Improve page speed.
  • Use AMP and structured data
  • Local SEO

4. Sitemap & Content Development

Every user goes through a well-structured buying funnel before turning into a customer. Your website structure as well as its content must be shaped in the way it meets the compelling needs of the end user.

Basically, there are three types of voice search queries:

  • Informational (guides, what-to-dos, how-tos, etc.)
  • Navigational (store locations, customer service info, facebook login etc)
  • Transactional ( buying, subscription to newsletters, download ebook etc)

You can make some feasible changes in the website sitemap by adding FAQs to cater to specific voice queries.  Seek recommendations from SEO experts to get a fair idea to make the transformation.

Remember, optimizing for website content is not a stand alone job. You ought to join hands with professional website designers, developers, content developers etc.

5. Let’s Come To Google Actions

Have you heard of Actions on Google?  They are basically software which extend the ability to make use of the Google Assistant across hundreds of devices such as phones, TVs, headphones etc.

Google Assistant helps in making your life easier with every little query of yours.  If you are a developer, make judicious use of the Actions on Google in order to make your user experience all the more delightful with the 3rd party service provider.

A word of caution, not to misuse the feature with irrelevant Actions that are of little to no good use. Make sure the created Action is useful and optimized to help the Home Assistant users.

If you are confused as to how to proceed with Google’s Assistant, your website or mobile apps, or any other digital tools, then getting technical help from ingenious SEO North Sydney is a wise call.

The digital competition is soaring high. Up the game with dedicated web and mobile experts to combat the challenges thrown by voice search queries to stay ahead in the digital space.

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