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5 Best Workplace Gadgets to Increase Small Business Productivity

Technology has been helping us to improve on everyday work-related operations. Here we will take a look at the five best workplace gadgets to increase productivity.

5 Best Workplace Gadgets to Increase Small Business Productivity
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Technology has brought significant improvements to our day-to-day operations. Undeniably, our workplaces are of no exceptions to it. In recent years we have seen plenty of new technology benefiting us in our work processes. Some cutting down the job times while others help in reducing mistakes. However, all help out to increase our workplace productivity.

With that in mind, small businesses should invest in the latest technology and equipment. Doing so can help to maintain office productivity and assist in getting a competitive edge.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a number of these latest office gadgets. From office phone systems, to coffee makers and printers, there are a number of simple, fun office gadgets that you can easily purchase to help increase your workplace productivity.

Here are the top 5 picks that can actually make a difference and help you increase workplace productivity.

  1. VoIP Phone System

The VoIP phone system is a hardware and software based phone that works off your business internet connection instead of a traditional landline. They offer greater mobility and scalability than traditional handsets. They are less expensive than conventional landline phones and don’t make users tied down as they would be with hard-wired phones. They are portable to use as they allow users to make calls from the phone, desktop or mobile devices. Further, they can also be integrated with other software programs. So, if you haven’t yet made the switch to a VoIP phone system, just switch to it now.

  1. HDDs and SSDs

Both hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SDDs) provide high capacity secure portable storage. They are excellent tools to save a large amount of office data in a secure way. They make it easy to travel with the important instead of uploading and downloading large files from cloud storage. HDDs are less expensive and can save more data, while SSDs offer higher operation performance and considered to be more durable. If your workloads are complex, it’s beneficial to have both SSD and HDD at your workplace to keep your data secure and protected whether you are traveling, or at your office.

  1. Solar Window Charger

Quite often employees forget about charging their cellphone at night before leaving to work the next morning. This means they regularly need to charge their cellphones at their workplace. Cut down the extra utility expense from constant cellphone battery charging by your employees by using the solar window charger. The device is an excellent alternative to conventional battery charging methods. It’s designed to catch the solar energy outside of the window and use it to charge cellphone batteries. This gadget efficiently charges cell phone batteries without any installation. Further, it’s relatively small and doesn’t take much space on the windows and inside office drawers.

  1. Smart Coffee Makers

Smart coffee makers wirelessly connect with your phone and can be controlled via an app. Depending on the brands and functions they vary in size and price. They are all designed to improve time management and help you get through a day full of different challenging tasks at work. Their settings can be adjusted according to your employee preferences. Meanwhile, employees can also schedule to make their coffees at every day on their required time. These coffee machines are now becoming a common part of productive workplaces where management emphasizes on the optimum use of employee time at work. Smart coffee machines work smoothly on all different types of IOs and Android run devices.

  1. Smart Multifunctional Printers

Small businesses need to rely on an array of machines (laser printer, copiers, fax machines etc.) to fulfill their different print related tasks. However, with the availability of smart multifunctional printers they must consider to take the benefits of all-in-one printers. These multifunctional printers offer an array of benefits. They include multiple layers of security, tablet-like touch screen, tap print and go, customizable interface, cloud-optimized and many more. Small business should consider buying these smart multifunctional printers to keep their operation streamlined and efficient.

Times are changing quickly. Small businesses need to upgrade themselves to find more productivity at their workplace. Like all the gadgets discussed above, there are many others that can help you and your workforce to more productive at work. So why not consider them to have them at your workplace?

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