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5 Best Grammarly alternatives you should Try

5 Best Grammarly alternatives you should Try

Nowadays, language students have many educational tools to increase their level of English to prepare for an English test or to organize a language stay in an English-speaking country.

In addition to online English classes, students can benefit from educational applications, online English exercises or free lessons from the Shakespearean language. Like one can use grammar lookup for the punctuation check as this site is one of best free punctuation checker.

Also, one another free punctuation checker is punctuation check which is also free of cost.  If you want to use this tool then click here to access the website.

But we are going to give a review of the best online services for grammatical and syntactic correction.

To not feel alone in your study sessions, why not use automatic correctors? Here is a brief description of the best online proofreaders!

  1. Spell Check Plus: fast and efficient spell checker. It is completely free of cost. Spell Check Plus is the best option to verify spelling and grammar to improve the English level of your original text. Spell Check Plus come in existence in the year 2001. This online tool has three versions: Spell Check for English, Spell Check for French and Spell Check for Spanish.

The advantages:

  •    The richness of the vocabulary proposed by the proofreaders,
  •    The classification by order of relevance of the proposed words,
  •    The complementary exercises to improve your grammar,
  •    The word count,
  •    The “I am an Anglophone” box to indicate your level of English,
  •    The final grade
  1. Reverso:  Reverso is used for the translation and correction of spelling in the same web. It is one of the most well known English dictionaries on the Internet.

 Being the favourite site of many students and blogger, the page likes a lot mainly for its automatic translator and its very precise definitions of words in English. In addition, «Reverso» has recently developed its own application for iOS and Android, but you will have to go to the website to access the automatic corrector and correct your errors.

The advantages:

  •    Precise correction of Anglophone terms,
  •    A complete list of synonyms,
  •    Definition of words through the dictionary,
  •    The ability to translate the text easily in several languages.
  1. Language Tool: It is used for the quality grammatical correction. Language Tool is a free multilingual grammar checker that is used to find out errors that a spell checker does not find out. The goal is to help users learn the grammatical rules of English.

The advantages:

  •    The many available languages,
  •    The dialects of the English language,
  •    The possibility to download the spell checker free of charge,
  •    The possibility of integrating the corrector in a writing program,
  •    The discussion forum,
  •    Free contribution for bilingual levels.
  1. White smoke Writer: your corrector in English

For many people who study English, White smoke Writer is the ideal proofreaders. This program is not just a spell checker. It has many different aspects to make your text seem written by a native.

The advantages:

  •    You can continue learning while writing a text.
  •    He is a specialist in English.
  •    The advice and explanations that the program shows you.
  •    An accurate spelling correction.
  1. Scribens: It is the most complete spell checker. Scribens is very simple to use for the spelling and grammar check. The site’s interface offers users access to the dictionary and the basic grammatical rules of English. It is a good way to correct your mistakes in a cover letter, for example.

The advantages:

  •    The premium version is very complete,
  •    Virus protection,
  •    The ability to easily contact webmasters,
  •    A high-quality correction,
  •    The corrector is multiplatform,
  •    Effective colour code.

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