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4 Best Tools for Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Do you accidentally delete your important files? Or, your game collection folder suddenly had gone? You don’t need to worry when you find yourself in this situation. This is actually a common problem that most people have. And, just like other problem in the world, there is also a solution to this problem.

You can solve the problem by using the special software that can recover your deleted file. There are many of them. So, we think maybe you will have a hard time to choose which software that you want to use. For that reason, here we have the recommended software for solving your problem. The best of all, you can use them for free.

  1. Recoverit data recovery

We can call it one of the best software you can try. It’s free, with the option to upgrade it to Pro-version, which you need to pay it. The scanning process is fast. Moreover, you also can choose the type of scanning, either deep scan or normal scan.

The other good thing about this software is its ability to choose the file format that you try to recover. The other software will only provide this option after the scanning process is finished. But, with Recuva, you can choose the file format that you want to search. So, you don’t need to spend too much time to find the file. Moreover, the success rate is pretty high.

  1. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This is paid software. However, you also can use the free version, which is enough to get your deleted photos recovery or files back. Although the free-version has some limitations, we can still consider it as one of the most powerful software you can use.

One of the most interesting is when you install this software, it will warn you.  It said that you can’t install this software in the drive where your deleted file existed before. It has the risk that the installation process will delete the remains of the file, so it can be recovered.

Now, what can MiniTool Power Data Recovery do? For the free version, you have 1 GB limitations. That means you can recover the data more than that size. It’s very useful if you only want to recover photo or text file which usually doesn’t have a big size.

This data recovery software has quite high-speed scanning process. The result also displays in the way where you can easily find the file that you want to recover. Overall, this is one of the best software you can try.

  1. Disk Drill

Don’t worry! It won’t make a hole in your hard drive. But, just like its name, it searches into the deepest level of your hard drive. It will find the file that you want to recover.

What we like about Disk Drill is its easy-to-use interface. You don’t need to worry about the complicated menu. You can easily master this software in a short amount of time. And like MiniTool, you also can get the paid version of Disk Drill. Of course, you will find more feature in the paid version.

Disk Drill also has a higher success rate compared to other software. Moreover, you can easily recover the file by the filters that you like. It makes the process faster and easier to do.

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This is also easy-to-use software for data recovery purpose. In fact, you won’t find many options you need to choose for the recovering process. Once you open the software, it will ask you to choose the drive that you want to scan. Then, after you choose the drive, it will scan and give you a list of all files that you can recover.

The free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has file size limitations. The lower limit is 500MB. But, you can increase it to 2 GB by using the option inside the software. Of course, if you want to remove the limit, you can always buy the paid version of this software.


Those 4 are the best data recovery tools that you can use. They are all free, plus it doesn’t require too much size to install it. Once you have one of them, you don’t need to worry when you accidentally delete your file. You can always find it back.

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