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15 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Rooted Android Mobiles – 2019

Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Rooted Android Mobiles
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Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Rooted Android Mobiles


Eccentricity over the need of the Wi-Fi for any usual works is quite a usual behavior. Clipping off the need about the need to download or play games is not a craze but a habit which cannot be overlooked.  But to get the needed Wi-Fi we need to get a crack into it. For many, they will just cruise around to try every app they see about. But is just like that to buy some random weapons to damage a sheet of unknown material.

What you need is a list full of such apps for your rooted mobile to get into these pesky networks. Networks which are not known to you like that sheet with how much security level they may possess. To just sit on the couch at a house or at a sofa at a café and get your Wi-Fi in vicinity cracked is what all these apps make out for you. It is like an army we give you here who compromises the top agents to bring out your mission of “Hack Wi-Fi” a success.

Be at workplace or café or at home or at the airport never do worry now until you have any of the below given top 15 “Wi-Fi Hacking Apps For Rooted Mobiles” as these are not made on some just all roundabout reviews only. This list is made up from not less but a high class maintained apps for their reputation to penetrate and bring you access to any Wi-Fi you lay your hand on. But, is it sure that the technique these apps make up from do crack about any Wi-Fi is a question you bear in your mind and soul is quite known to us.

The answer is quite simple to it but as these apps are not like others to use only a method to crack into any network you think off. It has a repertoire (collection) of techniques which are not just infamous into ethical hackers but also into the dark world to crack into the best crazed high-security networks. Sit a way back into this theatre we provide with this top 15 apps not just to allure the passwords of any security class but well suited to download for any rooted mobile.

  • Aircrack-ng


Basically, it is not a simple class tool it was developed by hackers only and then left out to be downloaded by others to make out big and strong cracks into the most secured Wi-Fi networks even. It also does analyse any Wi-Fi network at first to ensure that you are not dragged into some problem later on and get caught and beaten up either. They do make it such as the name specifies crack into thin airspace where network exceeds the ranges of it.

  • Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux Nethunter

Well if you are not that known to the world of hacking it would be our pleasure to introduce that Kali Linux is one of the most infamous PC OS which comes with the top grade tools to even crack the best world-class security systems. It is still being used by the top security personnel and hackers around the world. Now, this Kali Linux has been bought up on your mobile which has to be rooted surely not at full level but enough to crack the toughest things and apps and yes to get easy access to any Wi-Fi too.

  • dSploit


Well to exploit the problem also called to vulnerability is the job dSploit famous to do it. It would be fit to be used in both the way that checks if your Wi-Fi needs some more help in what all matter and also to break into any other known Wi-Fi networks you want to get into. Well, you might think if it does analyse and give you vulnerabilities then the other person would check it themselves to make it secure but laziness and not known information as we give you here is still not known to them to download and use to get access today.

  • NMAP


Another notoriously known technology is this NMAP which is quite known to ping such all possible packets into the network to get the password for the Wi-Fi you are looking for. It is based on mapping networks and has known to find any possible exploit into the network and bring you out the expected result which is giving you access to the Wi-Fi network you are looking for. Being ranked into one of the top 15 Wi-Fi apps for rooted mobiles in our website is not astonishing for this name any who have heard it before knows about.

  • Wi-Fi Inspect

Wi-Fi Inspect

Don’t get bothered by the name as by it you may get eluded into the thought that it does just find the security problem for you to fix it out. But, well it is not completely wrong too as it is what it does in half of its work but at next half work it uses that loophole into the network and gets and provide you around the access for the Wi-Fi you are looking for. Not to mention that this app is quite a buzzy one to be called into as one of the best Wi-Fi Cracking apps in the world for rooted mobiles.

  • Reaver

Reaver apk

It is not some special one in front of Kali Linux or NMAP but packs a whole different level also at the same time. Maximizing the possibility to crack into as such a network without getting caught is especially what it is known for. Cross-cutting the time also it tries out so that you do not miss out on some valuable time trying to do on something for some Wi-Fi network which is quite secure and also not that easy to crack when you want some internet at quickest.

  • Arpspoof

arpspoof apk

Well, it is somewhat same as dSploit in working the difference lies that it does not just target the Wi-Fi you want to point out at. It is a really good tool to be used to find the easiest to target Wi-Fi and then crack it down. It does rank in the best 15 Wi-Fi cracking apps in rooted mobiles list for us because it is able to give you internet in the least time and also in the need of your time. The spoof of the ID while do it is also it do to make sure you never get caught easily too.

  • Network Spoofer

Network Spoofer

I am known to you and let me in and when you enter you just get your work done and come out when you are a stranger to place but being treated like a VIP inside because you just show up like one while you just there to fulfil your needs. Same does this app does when it comes to Wi-Fi as it does spoof you up to show like you are entrusted with a password to this network and are safe to connect so that you enter to do your internetwork and just come out undetected.

  • WIBR+


It is somewhat of the testing app more than just cracking is a direct truth we would like to mention it to you. But, many do not know the potential of this app and does think that it might not be able to stand the expectations. But, if you just try it out once you might feel the urge to use it again as it brings you the scan for all possible networks around you which can be hacked and let you get privileged access at the same time.

  • WPS Connect

WPS Connect

WPS is a not a new word for you and you would have heard it earlier sure as it is a form of security used by Wi-Fi networks usually. Well, it does surely have a downfall too it means you would have figured out already too as not all networks use this type of security but the maximum of networks does use WPS security only. This form of security is not easy to crack usually but well we are giving you this app right so now you can make into it easily.

  • cSploit


You might be wondering by name that cSploit and dSploit are similar and well you have not taken any wrong guess here. But, it does not mean that both are similar in all ways are just like siblings one being good and others being not so good. Both are special in their own ways and work at well different techniques but are quite known to produce the same result which cracking up the Wi-Fi for you to let you use it at your own will.

  • WIFI Analyzer

WIFI Analyzer apk

Well by name you would have got a quite good idea it analyses Wi-Fi but well there is not the same thing here which might be galloping in your mind. Actually, it does capture all the Wi-Fi networks and which puts you into the wonder that why it is into such work and why does it need to do that. Well, you are into hacking a network which would not just give you internet but you want good speed and less security too right. It takes all these parameters in its hand and then cracks it open for you to use it.

  • Netspoof


Crackdown the network by faking up some irregular request to make it behave as it should open on even wrong passwords is what Netspoof is capable of. It would drive your request like they are known to network even though you have never even connected to that Wi-Fi in your whole lifetime. To act as a trustworthy one and then backstab the network at the end to get full access is the speciality of this whole time great Wi-Fi hacking app.

  • Intercepter-NG


Every network has its way of sending packets as they are if invaded can provide you access to that network. Intercepter-NG is well known to do the same effect here. To break down the signals and put up a script or malfunction code to create a backdoor to connect to that certain Wi-Fi is what it is most capable of. Not just the direct approach works all the time and it does know that well and so does it do this with efficiency.

  • Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro apk

It has quite an eluding app and has been known to accept in both ways that are paid and free. Well, it does not matter much as even in the free one as the name goes by it is able to penetrate quite easily down and bring you the password. It does find the weakness in the network and strike therewith barrages of combinations to break it open until all combinations go down. Paid one does make the speed better but well if you time to give and at a public place usually this would work out good and quite easily and we can say it can be a must-have Wi-Fi cracking app for rooted mobiles.

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