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10 Tips to Become a Professional Animation Expert

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Animation is a profession that requires both, remarkable artistic skills as well as apt technical skills. Many people who are tech savvy and have an interest in sketching and art tend to choose animation as their profession. Because animation is a combination of modern day technology and the art of drawing. This is why a person who want to have a career development in this industry needs to learn both the skills.

Learning new drawing techniques every now and then and mastering new animation software update frequently need a lot of devotion and time. That is why animation is considered one of the hardest jobs in the world. An animator has to work on both types of skills in order to be a decent animator. Becoming a great animator means devotion and practice for years and years. However, other than practice, there are a few good tips that can improve your animation skills quite faster. Let us begin with this one:

  1. Observe the World Around You:

Good observation is a knack that not everyone is gifted with. Some people are naturally good at remembering the details and they tend to notice everything in the surrounding without paying any deliberate attention to them. However, there are people who are not good with observing and are not great with remembering details.

Now if you belong to the former group, you only need to polish your skill whereas, the ones who belong to the latter group, will need to develop the habit of observing. What you need to do is that you have to have a perspective that will allow you to notice those details important for drawing. Your random thoughts should be like, how shadows are to be drawn, how light changes color shades of objects, the random expressions and gestures, personalities and subtle specifics, and so on.

  1. Tell the World you are an Artist

It is very important to let the world know what you do in order to be successful in this field. An animator’s skills cannot be judged on the basis of certificates and degrees. You need to showcase your art works and that is why you need to compile your works on a disc or at some other platform that you can show when asked for.

  1. Get Inspirations from the Experienced Ones

One Important point that every animator should do is that they should keep an eye on what the seniors are doing and how. Also, check your seniors’ and contemporaries’ works and achievements. This will provide you with ideas and inspirations and give you a chance evolve your own animation style. Moreover, you will get to see how a certain technique is used to create a certain effect. If you love your work, you probably already do this. But the purpose of mentioning this point here is to tell you that you should turn this practice in a strong habit in order to benefit from it.

  1. Stay Up to Date

Animation is a technology that is evolving quite fast. New animation techniques and tools are invented in quick successions and to keep your pace with the changings, an animator needs to stay updated. If you have a specialized area in the field, you should focus more on the updates related to that field. For instance, a 3d animation maker services should follow blogs that are focused on that topic.

  1. Networking is good

In the profession of animation, being a person who has attends different conferences and meet other animators every so often can benefit a lot from this practice. You should pass your portfolio in the circle through networking. It will make you have a professional circle who would know about them and thus, they will become a reliable name to many.

  1. Be better at sketching

One thing that you should understand is that no matter how much busy you get, you need to make some time for working on your sketching and drawing skills. Watch YouTube videos that can help you and practice with still drawing technique in order to be better. Brush off the dust from those sketch books and grab a pencil, it is a practice that will revive your inner artist and lighten up your mood as well.

  1. Charge less when you are new!

Animation is a good profession in terms of financial growth if you become really good at your work. However, an animator has to prove himself good enough to get as much money as they demand. This is why an animator should not expect to earn too much in the beginning of their career and instead, should focus on learning more and more. Once you become a pro in the field, then you can demand for a handsome salary

  1. Avail all the free learning options!

Learning through the experts is more effective in animation than self-learning. You might never be able to figure a certain technique or practice on your and yet, a professional teach you that in an hour or may be in minutes. This is why it is always good to attend free lectures and take different online courses. They are a great chances that may teach you a lot without needing you to pay.

  1. You always need to learn more

Animation is a field that needs you to keep learning new things. No matter how much experienced you become in the field, you should not stop learning. Keep looking for better software options and grow your technical skills. Learn to mash-up two ideas to form innovative animation styles, and so on. In short, never stop growing.

  1. Be your own Critic

One factor that fastens growth is having a habit of criticizing your own works in order to improve. It is quite difficult to find mistakes in your own work, especially when all your clients praise you and you are doing well professionally. However, having a critical approach towards your own works is the master key of development as an animator.

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